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Ajirādhirāja (अजिराधिराज).—[karma°] Ved. 'a quick emperor', epithet of death.

Ajirādhirāja is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms ajira and adhirāja (अधिराज).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Rājādhirāja (राजाधिराज).—m. (-jaḥ) A paramount sovereign. E. rājā, adhirāja superior prince.
Ajira (अजिर).—n. (-raṃ) 1. A court or yard. 2. Air, wind. 3. The body. 4. An object of sense 5....
Adhirāja.—(IE 8-2), sometimes used as an imperial title, but sometimes as the title of a feudat...
Vrajājira (व्रजाजिर).—n. (-raṃ) A cow-yard, a cattle-fold or pen. E. vraja, ajira a yard.
Raṇājira (रणाजिर).—n. (-raṃ) A field of battle. E. raṇa, and ajira a court.
Śālājira (शालाजिर).—mn. (-raḥ-raṃ) A hollow earthen cup or saucer. E. śālā a house, jṝ to becom...
Garjanika-adhirāja.—(LP), ‘the emperor of Ghaznī’. Note: garjanika-adhirāja is defined in the “...
Garjanaka-adhirāja.—(LP), ‘the emperor of Ghaznī’. Note: garjanaka-adhirāja is defined in the “...
Brahm-ādhirāja.—(SITI), title of distinguished Brāhmaṇa military commanders; also spelt Brahmād...
Kaṭaka-adhirāja.—(EI 4), same as Kaṭakarāja, etc.; a military officer in charge of the royal ca...
Śailādhirāja (शैलाधिराज).—epithets of the Himālaya. Derivable forms: śailādhirājaḥ (शैलाधिराजः)...
Sadojira (सदोजिर).—a vestibule. Derivable forms: sadojiram (सदोजिरम्).Sadojira is a Sanskrit co...
Ajiraśocis (अजिरशोचिस्).—a. [ajiraṃ śociryasya] glittering, having tremalous or flashing light....
Mantrādhirāja (मन्त्राधिराज).—supreme over all spells. Derivable forms: mantrādhirājaḥ (मन्त्रा...
Nagādhirāja (नगाधिराज).—1) Himālaya (the lord of mountains); रश्मिष्विवादाय नगेन्द्रसक्तां निवर...

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