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Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Addhan, (in cpds. addha°) (Vedic adhvan, orig. meaning “stretch, length”, both of space & time. — Cases: Nom. addhā, Gen. Dat. addhuno, Instr. addhunā, Acc. addhānaṃ, Loc. addhani; pl. addhā. See also addhāna) 1. (of space) a path, road, also journey (see cpds. & derivations); only in one ster. phrase J.IV, 384 =.V, 137 (pathaddhuno paṇṇarase va cando, Gen. for Loc. °addhani, on his course, in his orbit; expld. at IV.384 by ākāsa-patha-saṅkhātassa addhuno majjhe ṭhito and at.V, 137 by pathaddhagato addha-pathe gaganamajjhe ṭhito); Pv III, 31 (pathaddhani paṇṇarase va cando; Loc. same meaning as prec., expld. at PvA.188 by attano pathabhūte addhani gaganatala-magge). This phrase (pathaddhan) however is expld. by Kern (Toev. s. v. pathaddu) as “gone half-way”, i. e. on full-moon-day. He rejects the expln. of C. — 2. (of time) a stretch of time, an interval of time, a period, also a lifetime (see cpds.); only in two standard applications viz. (a) as mode of time (past, present & future) in tayo addhā three divisions of time (atita, anāgata, paccuppanna) D.III, 216; It.53, 70. (b) in phrase dīghaṃ addhānaṃ (Acc.) a very long time A.II, 1, 10 (dighaṃ addhānaṃ saṃsāraṃ); Sn.740 (dīghaṃ addhāna saṃsāra); Dh.207 (dīghaṃ addhāna socati); J.I, 137. Gen. dīghassa addhuno PvA.148 (gatattā because a long time has elapsed), Instr. dīghena addhunā S.I, 78; A.II, 118; PvA.28.

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