The Catu-Bhanavara-Pali (critical study)

by Moumita Dutta Banik | 2017 | 50,922 words

This study deals with the Catu-Bhanavara-Pali, (lit. “Text of the Four Recitals”) which in Buddhism is popularly known as “The Book of Protection”. This text, in the Pali language, represents a recital of the Dhamma meant for protection and deliverance from evil and sorrows as well as promoting welfare and well-being. The spreading time of Catubhan...

The third Bhanavara (Introduction)

The third Bhanavara deals with the following topics. They are—

(1) Dhammacakka-pavattana-sutta,

(2) Mahasamaya-sutta,

(3) Alavaka sutta,

(4) Kasibharadvaja-sutta,

(5) Parabhava-sutta,

(6) Vasala-sutta,

(7) SaccaVibhanga -sutta and

(8) Atanatiya sutta (only first part).

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