Vipassana Meditation

Lectures on Insight Meditation

by Chanmyay Sayadaw | 22,042 words

Vipassana Meditation: English lectures on Insight Meditation By venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw U Janakabhivamsa....

Part 8 - Noting Mental And Emotional States

If you note any mental or emotional state, it must be done somewhat quickly, energetically and precisely, so that the noting mind id continuous and becomes powerful. The the thinking will stop by itself.

Note the thoughts quickly as if you are hitting them with a stick: - thinking, thinking, thinking ... or sleepy, sleepy, sleepy ... or happy, happy, happy ... or sad, sad, sad .... not slowly as, thinking ... thinking ...or sleepy ...sleepy ....

Unless you can note the wandering thought you do not have a ope of concentrating the mind. If your mind is still wandering it just means that you still do not note energetically enough. This ability is indispensable.

If you are aware of the content of the thought, it will tend to go on. If you are aware of the thought itself, then thinking will cease.

Do not be attached to thinking and theory.

Insight comes with deep concentration but logical or philosophical thinking comes with shallow concentration.

Eagerness and worry about getting concentration can cause distraction.

Drowsiness can be overcome by putting in more effort. Labelling activities to be noted also helps.

Curiosity and expectation definitely delay your progress. If they arise, do not dwell on them. Give them sharp awareness.

Note sleepiness energetically - by doing it in quick repetition.

If you want to achieve something in your meditation, you will have to put more effort into yogi practice.

Actually, the energy to note is always there. The trouble is you are reluctant to use it. The mental attitude is very important. Dont be pessimistic. If you are optimistic, you offer yourself opportunity. Then there is satisfaction in every situation and you will also have less distraction.

If a yogi wakes up at 3.00 a.m. he must get up to meditate. He should not wait until 4.00 a.m. That is not the right attitude.

If you are sleepy on waking up, get up and walk. Otherwise you will enjoy sleeping. (In the retreat, yogis were scheduled to wake up at 4.00 a.m.)

If you are sleepy, walk quickly backwards and forwards in the sun.

A human being has a great variety of strengths and the ability to do many things. We must STRIVE, not TRY!

If you put in enough effort, you can achieve the four paths and fruitions

One week of practice is just a learning process. Real practice begins only after that.

Meditation is beyond time and space. So do not be caught up by them.

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