Vinaya Pitaka (3): Khandhaka

by I. B. Horner | 2014 | 386,194 words | ISBN-13: 9781921842160

The English translation of the Khandhaka: the second book of the Pali Vinaya Pitaka, one of the three major ‘baskets’ of Therevada canonical literature. It is a collection of various narratives. The English translation of the Vinaya-pitaka (third part, khandhaka) contains many Pali original words, but transliterated using a system similar to the I...

Kd.4.13.1 “This is a case, monks, where the fourteenth is (the Invitation day) for resident monks, the fifteenth for incoming monks … = Kd.2.34.1–2.35.5. Read they should invite, they invite, on an Invitation day instead of Observance should be carried out, they carry out the Observance, on an Observance day. … if he knows, ‘I am able to arrive this very day’.

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