Vinaya Pitaka (1): Bhikkhu-vibhanga (the analysis of Monks’ rules)

by I. B. Horner | 2014 | 345,334 words | ISBN-13: 9781921842160

The English translation of the Bhikkhu-vibhanga: the first part of the Suttavibhanga, which itself is the first book of the Pali Vinaya Pitaka, one of the three major ‘baskets’ of Therevada canonical literature. It is a collection of rules for Buddhist monks. The English translation of the Vinaya-pitaka (first part, bhikkhu-vibhanga) contains many...

Monks’ Training (Sekhiya) 7–8

Bu-Sk.7.1.1 Bu-Sk.8.1.1 … in Anāthapiṇḍika’s monastery. Now at that time the group of six monks looking about here and there went (sat down) amidst the houses … “…

‘With the eyes cast down will I go (sit down) amidst the houses,’ is a training to be observed.”

One should go (sit down) amidst the houses with the eyes cast down looking only a plough’s (distance ahead).[1] Whoever out of disrespect, looking about here and there, goes (sits down) amidst the houses, there is an offence of wrong-doing.

There is no offence if it is unintentional, if he is not thinking, if he does not know, if he is ill, if there are accidents, if he is mad, if he is the first wrong-doer. Vin.4.187

Footnotes and references:


Cf. Snp.410, Snp.411; Mil.398; Vism.19.

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