Vinaya (3): The Cullavagga

by T. W. Rhys Davids | 1881 | 137,074 words

The Cullavagga (part of the Vinaya collection) includes accounts of the First and Second Buddhist Councils as well as the establishment of the community of Buddhist nuns. The Cullavagga also elaborates on the etiquette and duties of Bhikkhus....

Cullavagga, Khandaka 3, Chapter 21

1. Now at that time a certain Bhikkhu had committed numerous Saṃghādisesa offences, one of which he had concealed for one day, two for two days, three for three days, [and so on down to] and ten for ten days.

He told, &c.

They told, &c.

'Let then the Saṃgha, O Bhikkhus, impose upon that Bhikkhu an inclusive probation equal in duration to the longest time during which he has concealed any one or more of those offences[1].'

[Then follows the kammavācā as before.]

Footnotes and references:


Literally, 'according to the value of whichever offences among those offences have been the longest concealed.'

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