Vinaya (2): The Mahavagga

by T. W. Rhys Davids | 1881 | 156,382 words

The Mahavagga (part of the Vinaya collection) includes accounts of Gautama Buddha’s and the ten principal disciples’ awakenings, as well as rules for ordination, rules for reciting the Patimokkha during uposatha days, and various monastic procedures....

“In case, O Bhikkhus, there assemble, &c.; they know that there are other resident Bhikkhus absent. They perish and become ruined[1], saying, "What are those people to us?" and risking a schism (among the fraternity), they hold Uposatha and recite the Pātimokkha, &c.[2]

End of the fifteen cases of the Bhikkhus risking a schism.

End of the seventy-five[3] cases.

Footnotes and references:


I.e. they destroy their own welfare by their wickedness.


The decisions as in chap. 29; only read instead of 'd ukka/a offence,' 'thullaccaya offence' (grave sin).


Five times fifteen cases, in chaps. 28-32.

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