Guhyagarbha Tantra (with Commentary)

by Gyurme Dorje | 1987 | 304,894 words

The English translation of the Guhyagarbha Tantra, including Longchenpa's commentary from the 14th century. The whole work is presented as a critical investigation into the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, of which the Guhyagarbhatantra is it's principle text. It contains twenty-two chapters teaching the essence and practice of Mahayoga, which s...

Text 5.9 (Commentary)

[Guhyagarbha-Tantra, Text section 5.9]

The supreme nucleus of accomplishments
Comprehended by the conquerors of the three times,
Is a wish-fulfilling treasury, unexhausted in time.
It emerges without increase or decrease—
From the non-substantial there is a substantial cloud
Which emerges in diverse forms, and changes. [9] ...


dus-gsum rgyal-bas thugs-chud-pa'i /
dngos-grub mchog-gi snying-po-ni /
zad-pa'i dus-med yid-bzhin mdzod /
'phel-'grib med-par 'byung-ba-ste /
dngos-po med-las dngos-po'i sprin /
sna-tshogs rnam-par 'byung-zhing 'gyur / [9]


[The latter, concerning the essence which is attained, (comments on Ch. 5.9):]

The supreme nucleus (mchog-zi snying-po ni) of supreme and common accomplishments (dngos-grub), comprehended by the conquerors of the three times (dug-gsum rgyal-bas thugs-chud-pa'i), past, future and present, is the wheel of syllables. Therefore its essence is a genuine wish-fulfilling treasury unexhausted in time (zad-pa'i dus-med yid-bzhin mdzod), whereby all that is desired emerges spontaneously in the manner of precious gemstones. Now, the essence is naturally pure—the buddha-body of reality is without increase ('phel) in the manner of space, the buddha-body of perfect rapture is without decrease ('grib-med-par) in the manner of rainbow colours; and, from this disposition, there emerges ('byung-ba-ste) the diversified emanational display of the emanational body. Thue, from the (las) disposition of the non-substantial (dnzos-po med) buddha-body of reality, there is a substantial cloud (dnzos-po'i sprin) of ostensible appearances, i.e. the two apparitional buddha-bodies of form, which emerges (-par 'byung) in diverse (sna-tshogs) forms (rnam) of enlightened activity for the sake of living beings, corresponding to the intelligence of those to be trained; and this changes ('gyur) into a spontaneously present display. This is the essence of the cloud-mass of syllables.

[iii. A Teaching on the Actual Skillful Means of Attainment (215-6-224.1):]

The third (see p. 603) is a teaching on the actual skillful means of attainment. It has three parts, namely, a brief teaching on contemplation, a detailed exegesis of its nature, and a synopsis concerning the unique meditative equipoise.

[The brief teaching (216.l-216.4, comments on Ch. 5.10):]

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