A Manual of Khshnoom

The Zoroastrian Occult Knowledge

by Phiroz Nasarvanji Tavaria | 1971 | 160,667 words

An introduction to the mysteries of Khshnoom, an ancient occult movement. Khshnoom stands for 'Divine' or 'Spiritual' knowledge and originated from Zarathushtra. This book contains knowledge not to be found in Zoroastrian religious works. The second part contains documentaion of the life of Prophet Zarathushtra....

Chapter III

"Shumar-i-falak", Calculations of the Heavens for Finding the Era Of Zarathushtra and Other Great Law-givers

While philological scholars have been speculating over the era of Zarathushtra, our Master has disclosed a scientific method for finding that age without having to depend on the statements of any ancient writers or on historical chronicles, both of which have been instrumental in misguiding the scholars. This method is based on astronomical and astrological calculations technically called "Shumar-i-Falak", reckonings of the heavens.

Before proceeding with the treatment of this method it would be well to take some preliminary idea of the sidereal science. In "The Sky Is The Limit" (By Llewellyn George; p. 12) it is said:

"It has been found that each star (or planet) has its own particular rate of vibration_ wave-length, intensity, duration, frequency, direction, quality and - most important of all - its INDIVIDUAL INFLUENCE. It is to those influences we are mainly reacting in our experience of daily life. hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling, these are the senses which designate our response to vibration. In Physics it is known that A-L-L is vibration. Things differ in color and form due to differing rates of vibration."

Then with respect to the planetary aspects it is said (on p. 23; ibid.):

"An aspect is the angle formed between two or more planets at some place in their orbits in the zodiac, and their focusing relation to the earth. The influences are registered by those individuals who are receptive or attuned to particular vibrations, according to the impulses cast in their body at the moment of birth by the vibrations operating at that time and place."

Then regarding the effect of the planets transiting through the signs it is stated (on p. 25 ibid.):

"As the planets transit through the signs they stir up the qualities or tendencies of a sign and, in combination with their own nature, impart those vibrations to the earth by means of the focus of the angles (aspects) they form with other planets, which may be in other signs. As they do this through the HOUSE space coincident with their position, the influence of the houses are also brought into operation.

The SIGNS indicate life's functions, attributes and capacity in given trends.

The HOUSES indicate life's affairs, conditions" things and environments. The PLANETS produce experiences, events and opportunities for expression.

The ASPECTS qualify the influence of the planets and TIME the manifestations."

With respect to Zarvan, the Time factor or Father Time it may be stated that our earth, as we know it, is directly influenced by the planetary cycles of Time constituting a "Zarvane-daregho-khadat" (Siroza Yt.21), the self-created long cycle of Time, which according to Khshnoom is of the fixed period of 81,000 Solar years, as explained further on, and which comprises the seven ruler-ships of the seven planets. These planets, namely Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon and Saturn play their distinctive roles according to the various characteristics of each influencing on the earth, which (latter) is not a planet according to Khshnoom and ancient and modem astrology. To these planetary influences, races and individuals, their religions, cultures and civilizations and all major upheavals of worldwide or nationwide magnitude react in rise or fall, peace or war, weal or woe according as the "aspects" of the movements of the planets are favourable or otherwise.

While such are the vibrationary wire-pulling effects of the planets above, this material world below runs its course for 81,000 Solar years followed by a World Deluge, which submerges this known material world which is Satan-infested and which comprises two-thirds of the whole earthly orb. The remainder onethird (Thrishva; Yt. 13,2) which is holy, is described, in its own place.

After the Deluge a long pause or an interval period of inactivity extending over 27,000 years (on an average) prevails on this two-third known wicked world. On the expiration of the long pause the earth resumes once again its run of a new Zarvane Daregho Khadat of 81,000 years followed by another Deluge; and so the curriculum of Nature's Plan repeats itself from one Zarvane Daregho Khadat to another, which is aptly described in "Dabistan" (Vol. I pp. 10, 11) as follows:

"On the expiration of this great period the sovereignty reverts to the First King the state of the revolving world recommences; this world of formation and evanescence is renovated, the human beings, animals, vegetables and mineral productions, which existed during the first Cycle, are restored to their former language, acts, dispositions, species and appearance with the same designations and distinctions, the successive generations continually proceeding on in the same manner."

In all these repetitions of come-and-go of the innumerable long cycles of Zarvane Daregho Khadat of 81,000 years each, Nature's Plan of redeeming individual souls from Druj (source of Evil) proceeds on, and will proceed on slowly but ceaselessly till the termination of the present (4th) Zarvana Akarana, Boundless Time. With this preliminary explanation of Nature's working, we shall take an idea of the astro-numerological exposition of the figure group 81,000 connected with the period of a Zarvane Daregho Khadat mentioned above.


Astrological Composition of '81' In 81,000

The above mentioned figure-group of 81,000 is a compound numeral expression made up of 81 and three ciphers. Of this 81, 77 is the sum total of the respective degrees at which each of the six planets (except the Sun) in its revolution around the Sun merges its lustre in that of the latter (Sun). Such merging of the lustre is known in astrology as the "setting" of the planet concerned. Thus, Jupiter sets at 11 degrees, Mars at 17, Venus at 9, Mercury at 13, Moon at 12 and Saturn at 15 degrees, totaling in all 77. The Sun as the executor of the Divine Plan is represented by the numeral 4 on grounds explained below. Thus 77 plus 4 = 81.


Numerological Significances of Different Cardinal Numbers Concerned with 81,000

In Zoroastrian Numerology each cardinal number from 1 to 9 has its own distinctive mystical significance based on eternal verities. For our present purposes it may be stated that the numeral 3 stands for the 3-stage Ahunavar Plan (Yasna 19) mentioned further on, and the numeral 4 stands for the execution of that Plan by the Sun. The working of the whole Universe especially during the 4th and 5th Zarvana Akarana, i.e., inconceivably huge cycles of Boundless Time is for the Emancipation and further advancement of the soul. The human soul - Urvan (Ysn. 55,1) it may be stated, was originally a light in a free state in the planetary world, but it is a light possessing deficiency of divine knowledge, which is the source of all Evil. For the transmutation of this Evil into Goodness, AHU, literally 'it IS', (the second word in Yatha Ahu Vairyo prayer) the Light of All Lights, the Absolute One in Oneness who is the First Great Thinker (Manta Pouruyo; Ysn. 31.7) has devised the 3-stage colossal Plan above mentioned embodied in Ahunavar (Ysn. 19), the Edict or the Word Celestial of AHU.

In Ahunavar, the Will or the Edict of the Lord God AHU, the Light of Lights, it is 1aid down (1) that there shall be Hasti (Haithveng Astish, Truth-pervading world; Yasna 43.3), (2) that from Hasti there shall be Nisti, the Evanescent world (Daman, Creation; Yasna; 57.2) for the Emancipation of Urvan and (3) that from Nisti there shall be Hasti again. This 3-stage Grand Plan Divine concerning the three manifestations of the Creation (Bundehesh) is represented by the cardinal number 3. A hazy idea of the Nature's Plan embodied in the above three manifestations is given further on.

The next step after the devising of the above Plan is its execution. So the next cardinal number 4 represents the implementation of that Divine Plan. Human beings are chiefly concerned with the Nisti, the Evanescent world (Space), which is created for the correction of their Evil. The administration of this Nisti is entrusted to the Sun as the Deputy Divine of the Creator Ahura Mazda. Just as Ahura Mazda is the Spentotemo Mino, the most Bountiful or Blissful Divine Spirit of the whole Universe (Mainyush Spentotemo; Yasna; 1,1), so the Sun too is styled Spentotemo Mino of the Nisti and He (Sun) is represented by the numeral 4. In this way, this 4 plus 77 make 81 as stated above in which all the seven planets are represented.


Numerological Aspect of '81' In 81,000

Now with respect to the numerological aspect of 81 followed by three ciphers, the numeral 8 stands for human souls (Urvan; Yasna; 55,1) who all lack in Divine Knowledge. The next figure, is 1 in 81. 8 and 1 added together make 9, which is the highest among the single cardinal numbers, and stands for excellence or perfection. So it means that from our present state of imperfection represented by the figure 8, we have to rise to the excellence, i.e., perfection represented by the figure 9.


Philosophy of the Whole Creation Embodied in Figure Group 1001

There is also another way of reading 81, in which the numeral 1 in the first digit stands for the Creator Ahura Mazda. This figure 1 in different places has different significances; thus (in Aban Yt; 101) we have Aredvi Sura and Her 1000 channels forming 1001, and in Yasna; 57,21 Sarosha and the 1000 pillars of his mansion, also making 1001. Here 1 in the fourth digit stands for AHU, the Light of All Lights above mentioned. Then the expression 10 in the same group (1001) stands for Ahura Mazda the head of the Ameshaspends and for other Yazadic Existences (Yt. 1,21; Yt. 8,24 etc.), while the remaining expression 01 (in the same group 1001) indicates certain amount of imperfection in superior souls, and stands for the Gao-Chithra Souls (Mah Nyaesh; 7,8), who though followers of the blissful principle, namely, "live, advance and help others in advancing" - and as such are philanthropic and altruistic in character, still display certain lack of perfection in them.

Such Gao-Chithra souls are represented by "01". Still again, the figure 1 in the first digit (in 1001) represents the Creator Ahura Mazda Himself, in Whom the whole humanity has to merge One Glorious Day (Roshan-Rooz). It will thus be noticed from the above that AHU (occurring as the second word in Yatha Ahu Vairyo prayer) who is the Light of All Lights (Noor-ul-Anwar) and the Absolute One in Oneness is the Impersonal Divinity who is Unthinkable and Un-nameable, whereas Ahura Mazda is the Creator, Who manifested Himself after Mazda and Ahura, and Who bears numerous Divine names found in Hormazd and Ram Yashts and is thus conceivable.

So in the above four numerals (1001) We have, in a nutshell, the philosophy of the creation of the Universe. Besides this, there is much deeper significance of this figure group 1001, which is explained in Supplement No. 18. Reverting to 81, just as in 1001 the figure 1 in the first digit stands for the Creator, so it also does in 81. In the latter case it means that from our present unholy condition as human beings (Urvan; Ysn.; 55,1) with deficient Divine Knowledge; represented by the numeral 8, we have first to elevate ourselves to the sublimity of the "Baodangh", (ibid.) state of perfection of Divine Knowledge.

This Baodangh is represented by the figure 5, because it implies the control over the five senses. From 5 we have finally to exalt ourselves still further so as to be able to merge into the Creator Ahura Mazda represented by the numeral in the first digit as said above. Such are the mystical significances of 81 based on eternal verities.


Numerological Significances of 3 Ciphers in 81,000 and 12,000 Years

In Zoroastrian numerology, each of the one, two, three or four ciphers has its own distinctive significance. Thus there are enigmatical references to "100 horses, 1000 oxen, 10,000 lambs" (Yt; 5,21 etc.), which references are erroneously believed by some philological scholars to convey the meaning of sacrifice in the sense of massacre of so many of those animals, while really those references relate to the development of great spiritual powers of philanthropy, purity, Divine Knowledge etc., attained by those kings concerned (mentioned in Aban Yt.) necessary for obtaining the help of Aredvi Sura and other Yazats for smiting Satanic forces.

Then again in Bundehesh; 34 we come across, what are called, "12,000 years" and "3000 years" (ibid. 1). 12,000 represents the Age of Boundless Time (Zaman Akanarakih; ibid, 1,2) within which this material world from its present imperfection will gain exaltation to perfection. We are living in the fourth Zarvana Akarana, Boundless Time, in which the forces of Ahura Mazda as the Principle of Blissfulness or Good, and of Angra Mainyu as the Principle of Destruction or Evil (Vd. XIX, 8; Bd. 1,7) operate together as coevals (Ysn. 30; 3, 4, 5).

These two opposing principles are referred to in Bundehesh (I, 2) as "Asar Roshni"" the force of Boundless Light, i.e., spiritual advancement or progress and "Asar Tariki", the force of Boundless Darkness, i.e., spiritual deterioration. When humanity will have gained control over the five, senses and in the distant end would be able to attain the final re-birth in "Tane-Pasin, (ibid) the last fiery-type body, it will be the fifth out of the seven Zarvana-Akarana, Boundless Time, that make Infinity (Yavaecha Yavaetat; Vd. III; 14,21,39 etc.). In 12,000 as in 81,000, the three ciphers stand for the three stages or manifestations of the Creation. In the first manifestation the immortal and mortal worlds are created.

The souls, i.e., spiritual beings with deficiency of divine knowledge are exiled and transferred from the 8th heaven (pertaining to the zodiac) to the planetary world. Here a large portion of the above mentioned souls gets reformed by self-effort. For the unreformed remainder another world is created, in which functions the Law of Infoldment of Spirit into Matter, Mazdadata (Yt. 10,67) or Mazdayasni Daena (Vd. 19,13).

Now commences the second manifestation. Souls of human beings trail down to this earth according to this Law, go through the rounds of birth and death (Thwasha Khadata; Vd. XIX, 13) till Emancipation is gained. From this stage onward functions the Law of Unfoldment of Spirit from Matter (Ahuradata; Yt. 10,67) or Zarthoshti Daena, which is the third manifestation and at last the souls get repatriated to the planetary world and beyond, whence they were exiled in the beginning of their journey to the earth. Such is a crude and hazy idea of the three manifestations. It must be noted that 81,000 are actual Solar years, of which a Zarvane-Daregho- Khadat, the self-created long Cycle of Time comprises and that long period is but a link in the endless chain forming the huge cycle of one Boundless Time (Zarvana-Akarana). The expression 12,000 does not convey its normal numerical value as is erroneously believed in philology, but the sum of the figures 1 and 2 is equal to 3, standing far the three-stage plan; the three ciphers (000) have also the same significance.

It is hoped the astro-numerological exposition given above makes clear why the long cycle of Time of a Zarvane-Dareghokhadat comprises fixed 81,000 years neither one more nor less, based as it is, on the most fundamental eternal verities.


Some Rules of Shumar-i-Falak

Reverting to Zarvane-daregho-khadat before describing the method of computations it would be well to note that:

(1) for purposes of the reckoning of the heavens the order of the planets in the Zarvane-daregho-khadat begins with Jupiter followed consecutively by Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon and Saturn as stated already;

(2) every Zarvane-daregho-khadat of 81,000 years is composed of seven long cycles of Time of varied lengths between 4,000 and 17,000 years, each under the ruler-ship and influence of one of the above seven planets and each called royal or Major cycle; each of these seven royal cycles is divided into seven smaller cycles under the same seven planets, each such smaller division being called a minister or inter cycle; thus there are (7 x 7 =) 49 minister cycles in a Zarvane-daregho-khadat. Again each minister cycle is likewise sub-divided into seven still smaller cycles under the same seven planets, each such sub-division being a magistrate or minor cycle; so there are (49 x 7=) 343 Magistrate cycles (in a zarvane-dareghokhadat,). The method of working out the periods of the above minister and magistrate cycles is shown further on.

(3) At the beginning of the royal cycle of a particular planet the minister and magistrate cycles are also of the same planet; similarly at the beginning of a planet's minister cycle_ the magistrate cycle is also of the same planet. Thus Jupiter royal cycle begins with Jupiter minister cycle and Jupiter magistrate cycle and so on. Similarly, say, the Sun minister cycle begins with the Sun magistrate cycle;

(4) The relation between a planet and a heaven is that former represents the centre, while the latter; its surrounding space i.e. glory;

(5) Since the commencement of the present Zarvane-Dareghokhadat that is, since the Deluge over the known world, some 14,500 years have elapsed. During this period the whole Jupiter royal cycle of (11,000 plus 1638[1] =) 12,638 years has elapsed. Then commenced the Mars royal cycle. Of this the first minister cycle of Mars of (3568 minus 1638[1] =) 1930 years terminated in AD. 1940. So for the present calculations we are concerned only with the latter Mars ministry and the preceding seven ministries of the Jupiter royal cycle;

(6) Each of the five great Law-givers and his respective religion is related to and under the influence of a particular planet except the Sun and the Moon which function as the transitional stages from one religion to another. Thus (1) Zarathushtra and Zoroastrian religion are under Jupiter; (2)(a) Shri Krishna and Vedic religion, (b) Gautam Buddha and Buddhist religion and (c) Jain Mahavir and Jainism - all having the idolatrous cult of the White side are under Mercury; (3) Mohammad and Islam under Mars; (4) Moses and Judaism under Venus; and (5) Jesus and Christianity under Saturn.

(7) According to the law of 'Jirm', globe (or planet) there are gradations from the spiritual Point of view in religions as in everything else in this world, though that does not mean that Christ stands lowest among the Saviours. In this matter our Master gave the analogy of a head-master of a school taking the alphabet class, which does not lower the position of the head master. The gradation of religions is as given above.

(8) The two planets Sun and Moon function as the transitional stages. By this is meant that when a soul from a higher religion say, Zoroastrian, does not or cannot keep to the central balancing point of his or her religion or is attracted to one of lower status, then that soul in next life is said to be belonging to Jupiter-Solar stage. If the soul does not attempt to improve, but goes down still, it belongs to Jupiter-Lunar stage. The Parsi community in general is at present in this last grade. In the case of a soul advancing from a lower to the higher, say Vedic to Zoroastrian religion, the former first scales to Lunar-Zoroastrian, then Solar-Zoroastrian and then Zoroastrian proper.

(9) Years of "Zeed" or Augmentation. In the Ready-Reckoner chart that follows are shown deductions and corresponding additions of years respectively between Mars and Jupiter. The addition is known as "Zeed" meaning augmentation. The two planets represent the 'strongest pair of opposites. Characteristically, Jupiter is blissful and known as ‘the Great Benefic’ while Mars whose special calour is fiery i.e. red and its metal iron (or steel) is the war-lord associated with bloodshed and misery. Some explanation about the above adjustment of years is said to be that the planet Mars has emerged from Jupiter by the centrifugal force, and is again attracted to Jupiter by the centripetal force. Hence though the royal cycle of Mars is of 17,000 years, yet because in reality it displays Jupiterian blissful effect for some 1638 years, this latter period is diminished from 17,000 years of Mars royal cycle, and added to the Jupiter royal cycle.

This addition or augmentation in Jupiter is known as "Zeed". So the Jupiter royal cycle is enhanced to (11,000 plus 1638 =) 12,638 years. Out of the Zeed period of 1638 years 1100 are added to the Jupiter minister cycle (under Jupiter royal cycle) making it of (1494 plus 1l00 =) 2594 years. The remaining 538 years are added to the period of the four magistrate cycles (under the Sun ministry of Jupiter royal cycle) namely, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars-which four together are normally equal to 369 years are now enhanced to (369 plus 538 =) 907 years as shown in the Chart. Zarathushtra descended on the earth during the above Moon magistracy. In the case of Mars the reduction above mentioned of 1638 years actually affects the Mars minister cycle singly (under the Mars royal cycle.)

The normal Mars minister cycle (under royal cycle also of Mars) is of (17,000 x 17 )/81=3568 years. This is now reduced to (3568 minus 1638 =) 1930 years. All the above subtractions and additions have been shown in the chart, which though worked out mathematically are yet somewhat of an average type; because these calculations are material in character while the planets are luminous living bodies exerting or emitting their internal electrical and magnetic influences, which cause variations in the above calculations.

It must be admitted that the above additions call for further explanation which is not available.


Modes of Calculations Explained

As, explained above, a Zarvane-Daregho-khadat comprises the following seven royal cycles:

Jupiter 11,000 years
Mars 17,000 years
Sun 4,000 years
Venus 9,000 years
Mercury 13,000 years
Moon 2,000 years and
Saturn 15,000 years
  81,000 years

The period of a minister cycle in a particular royal cycle is in the ratio which the royal cycle of the required minister cycle bears to 81,000.

Similarly the proportion of a magistrate cycle in a particular minister cycle is in the ratio, which the royal cycle of the required magistrate cycle bears to 81,000.

Thus the ratio of each of the above seven royal cycles to the 'Zarvane-Daregho-khadat of 81,000 years would be:

Jupiter 11:81,
Mars 17:81,
Sun 4:81,
Venus 9:81,
Mercury 13:81,
Moon 12:81 and
Saturn 15:81

So in the Jupiter royal cycle of 11,000 years, the seven minister cycles under that planet would be:

11,000 X (11/81)   1494 years Jupiter minister cycle
11,000 X (17/81)   2309 years Mars minister cycle
11,000 X (4/81)   543 years Sun minister cycle
11,000 X (9/81)   1222 years Venus minister cycle
11,000 X (13/81)   1765 years Mercury minister cycle
110,000X (12/81)   1630 years Moon minister cycle
11,000 X (15/81)   2037 years Saturn minister cycle
Total   --------
11,000 years

In like manner, the minister cycles in each of the other six royal cycles can also be found. Again, for instance, under the same Jupiter royal cycle to find the seven magistrate cycles, of say, Saturn minister cycle we must first find the period of the Saturn minister cycle which is 2037 years as shown above.

So by applying the same ratios as above, the seven magistrate cycles under the Saturn minister cycle of 2037 years we get:

2037 X 11/81 = 277 years Jupiter magistrate cycle
2037 X17/81 = 427 years Mars magistrate cycle
2037 X 4/81 = 101 years Sun magistrate cycle
2037 X 9/81 = 226 years Venus magistrate cycle
2037 X 13/18 = 327 years Mercury magistrate cycle
2037 X 12/18 = 302 years Moon magistrate cycle
2037 X 15/18 = 377 years Saturn magistrate cycle
Total 2037 Years

So it will be noticed from the above that the ratio concerned remains constant in finding the period of a minister or of a magistrate cycle, and that for finding the latter, the period of the minister cycle must first be worked out.

The Ready-Reckoner Chart that follows has been prepared in accordance with the above rules of reckoning. It may be added that the table of Time Cycles in the above Chart has been prepared only up to the end of Minister Cycle of Mars under the Mars Royal Cycle because the former ended in 1940. AD. and we have only to add 26 years (for 1966) without the need of going through the planetary reckonings of the new Minister Cycle of Sun which has begun since 1941 AD. Further details of these reckonings are given in the learned Dr. Chiniwalla's Charts accompanying his book entitled "Khshnoom Nikize Vehdin" Vol. I; and in the article on the subject by the learned Mr. M.P. Katgara in the “Ustad Saheb Memorial Volume” “Frasho-Gard” Magazine Vols. 17-18 (p.347 seq.).


Ready-Reckoner Chart

King Cycle
Minister Cycle Magistrate Cycle Remarks
Jupiter "Zeed" Years
Jupiter "Zeed" years
Total ----------

Jupiter Mars 2309

-do-   Sun
= 1081
1081 (F) Sun 27
        Moon 80 Zarathushtra’s birth Cycle
        Saturn 101  
        Jupiter 74 (Born about B.C 7,551)
        Mars 114  
        Total “Zeed” 369

-do-   Venus 1222 (E)
B.C. 6644
to 5422
  Zoroastrian religion continued.
& Kayanian dynasty continued.

Jupiter   Mercury years
1766 (D)
Mercury 283 (u) Shri Krishna's birth and Revelation cycle 5422 to 5382 B.C. = 40 years.
            Indian rule over Iran 5382 to 5282 B.C = 100 years.
            Huafrit Dynasty 5282 to 656 B.C. = 1626 years.

-do-   Moon
B.C. 3656
to 2027
1629 (C) Moon 241 (t) Kudarvand Dynasty 3656 to 2027 B.C. = 1629 years
        Saturn 302 (s)  
        Jupiter 221 (r)  
        Mars 324 (q)  
        Sun 80 (p)  
        Venus 181 (n)  
        Mercury 262 (m)  

-do-   Saturn from
B.C. 2027
to A.D. 10.
2037 yrs. (B) Saturn 377 (1) B.C. 2027 King Zathushtra defeated by Nisus and Semiramis.
        Jupiter 227  
        Mars 427  
        Sun 101  

101 (k)

Mose's Birth Cycle
        Mercury 327 (j) Buddha's Birth Cycle
        Moon 203 (h) Christ's Birth Cycle

Mars 17,000 Mars 3569 Mars 389 (g)  
Less 1,638 less 1638 Sun 90 (f)  
  ---------   --------- Venus 200 (e) Mohammad's Birth Cycle
  15,362 balance 1931 (A) Mercury 320 (d)  
        Moon 311 (c)  
        Saturn 361 (b)  
        Jupiter 260 (a) terminated in A.D. 1940


Method of "Shumar-i-falak" Applied

An adept in the "Tawil-i-Zarvane-daregho-khadat", that is, a scientist of the planetary Time cycles ascertains or is aware because of his knowledge the cycle in which a particular Law- Giver is destined to descend on the earth. It may be quite at the inception of the cycle concerned as in the case of Buddha or about the middle as in that of Mohammad or at the tail end as in the case of Jesus Christ.

We know the Eras of Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ and the 2500th Pari-Nirvana year of Gautam Buddha. For verifying the Era of Prophet Mohammad we have to add up the number of years of the magistrate cycles from 1940 A.D., (marked at the bottom of the chart (against the Magistrate cycle of Jupiter).

So we have:

Jupiter (a) 261 years
Saturn (b) 361 years
Moon (c) 311 years
Mercury (d) 320 years
Venus (e) 200 years
1453 years

According to records Mohammad was born in 571 A.D. Now (1957 A.D.) his Lunar Era is 1376 Hijri (i.e. counted from the year of his flight to Medina at the age of 51). So in 1940 A.D. his Era was 1360 Hijri. A Lunar year is 0.97 of a Solar year. So 1360 X 0.97 = 1319 Solar years plus 51 = 1370. If Mohammad had been born just at the beginning of the Venus cycle it would have been 1453 years since his birth, but as that period is actually 1370 years it means that his birth took place (1453 minus 1370 =) 83 years after the above said Venus Magisterial cycle of 200 years had begun.

Jesus Christ was born at the tail end of his planetary cycle of Moon under Saturn Minister cycle, as the addition of planetary cycles would show.


1931 years of Minister cycle of Mars i.e. total of Magistrate cycles (a) to (g) (under Royal cycle also of Mars) terminated in 1940 A.D.

17 years 1940 to 1957 A.D.

Total 1948 years.

So it means that Jesus Christ was born in the cycle of Moon about (1957 minus 1948 =) 9 years before the termination of that (Moon) cycle.

Lord Buddha - His 2500th Pari-Nirvana anniversary was celebrated in 1956 AD. Pari-Nirvana represents passing away from the earth. He lived for some 79 years. So his birth took place 79 years earlier i.e. 2579 years ago.

So adding up:

1931 years ofMinister Cycle (A) of Mars
302 years of Magistrate Cycle (h) of Moon
327 years of Magistrate Cycle (j) of Mercury under Ministry of Saturn under monarchy of Jupiter.
16 years from 1940 to 1956 AD.

So 2576 years ago Buddha was born.

Therefore, (2576 minus 79 =) 2497 years.

Thus the planetary calculations come correct to a difference of (2579 minus 2576 =) 3 years only.

In like manner to find the Era of Lord Shri Krishna we add up

1931 years Ministry ofMars under Mars Royal Cycle
2037 years Ministry of Saturn under Jupiter Royal Cycle
1629 years Ministry of Moon under Jupiter Royal Cycle
1766 years Ministry ofMercury under Jupiter Royal Cycle

Total 7363 years from 1940 AD. or about 5423 B.C.

Holy Zarathushtra - It will be noticed from the Ready Reckoner Chart that Zarathushtra was born during the:

  • Magistrate Cycle of Moon
  • Minister Cycle of Sun and
  • Royal Cycle of Jupiter

So, adding together:

7,363 years for the era of Shri Krishna shown above.
1,222 years period ofMinister Cycle of Venus preceding that of Mercury.
369 years total of the Magistrate Cycles of Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars under Ministry of Sun shown in the Chart and explained under item 9 of the rules of Shumar-i-Falak given before.
538 years of Zeed also explained under above rules.

We get total 9.492 years from 1940 A.D. or B,C. 7551 for the era of Zarathushtra.

It will thus be noticed that the finding of the Era of Zarathushtra is not a subject for speculation or random conjectures, but a matter of scientific computations of the major, inter or minor planetary Time-cycles following in a fixed order_ each having a fixed period of its sway, and each Saviour revealing his Divine Message for the Emancipation of his followers during the fixed conjunction of planetary Time cycles pre-ordained in Nature and based on the laws of Soteriology.

Footnotes and references:


Explained under rule 9.

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