Philosophy of Charaka-samhita

by Asokan. G | 2008 | 88,742 words

Ayurveda, represented by Charaka and Sushruta, stands first among the sciences of Indian intellectual tradition. The Charaka-samhita, ascribed to the great celebrity Charaka, has got three strata. (1) The first stratum is the original work composed by Agnivesha, the foremost of the six disciples of Punarvasu Atreya. He accomplished the work by coll...

Dialectical terms (3): Counter syllogistic reasoning (pratiṣṭāpana)

Counter syllogistic reasoning consists in the opponent's effort to establish a counter proposition by employing the other four members of the syllogism in order to contradict the disputant.[1]

Thus, for the above mentioned syllogism the following is the counter syllogism.

  1. Proposition — The self is ephemeral
  2. Reason — because it is perceivable
  3. Example — just like a pitcher
  4. Application — the self is perceivable like the pitcher
  5. Conclusion — therefore, is ephemeral.

Footnotes and references:


CS, Vimāna - sthāna, VIII. 32.

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