Elephantology and its Ancient Sanskrit Sources

by Geetha N. | 2012 | 36,369 words

Elephant is considered as an inevitable part of Indian community. So they developed the study of Elephant which is based on Hastyayurveda and Matangalila. Even from the ancient time Indians were awareness about their hygiene and health. They were protected against diseases. They protected not just their own race but also plants and animals. Therefo...

Appendix 1 - Glossary Of Technical Terms

Medicinal terms   Description
Ance - Common skin disease which is marked by pimples
Antidote - A medicine that counteracts poison
Aphrodisiac- - An agent that is alleged to increase libide orthe duration of sexual activity
Asthma - A cronic disorder of the respiratory organs, marked by coughs laboured breathening and feeling of suffocation
Astrigent - having power to contract organic tissues
Cataract - Opacity of the lens of the eye
Constipation - Irregular and difficult defecation
Consumption - Tuberculosis
Decoction - Extract of anything got by boiling
Diarrhoea - Abnormal frequent passage of loose stools
Dropsy - Generalized accumulation of fluid in the body
Enema - An introduction of a liquid into the rectum to stimulate bowel activity
Epileptic - A person suffering from a nervous disease
Indralupta - The hairs fallen as round from the head
Kunimartantra - Sterilizing women
Leucoderma - Local or total absence of pigmentation in the skin
Piles - Swollen blood vessels at the anus hemorrhoids
Purgation - Evacuation of the bowel by a purgative
Pustules - A small circumscribed elevation of the skin
Rheumatism - Painful condition of the muscles and joints
Rhematioid - Resembling rheumatic stiffness of body etc.
Sterilization - To free from micro organisms
Vertigo - Dizziness in the head.
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