The Skanda Purana

by G. V. Tagare | 1950 | 2,545,880 words

This page describes Greatness of Naradeshvari (Narada-ishvari) which is chapter 348 of the English translation of the Skanda Purana, the largest of the eighteen Mahapuranas, preserving the ancient Indian society and Hindu traditions in an encyclopedic format, detailling on topics such as dharma (virtous lifestyle), cosmogony (creation of the universe), mythology (itihasa), genealogy (vamsha) etc. This is the three hundred forty-eighth chapter of the Prabhasa-kshetra-mahatmya of the Prabhasa Khanda of the Skanda Purana.

Chapter 348 - Greatness of Nāradeśvarī (Nārada-īśvarī)

[Sanskrit text for this chapter is available]

Īśvara said:

1. Then, O great goddess, one should go to the west to Nāradeśvarī in the vicinity of Nāraḍeśvara. She destroys all (effects of) ill luck (especially widowhood).

2. If a woman, with concentration, worships the goddess on the third lunar day, no woman in her family shall be affected by ill luck (widowhood).

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