by Hermann Oldenberg | 1886 | 37,785 words

The Grihya-sutra ascribed to Shankhayana, which has been edited and translated into German in the XVth volume of the "Indische Studien", is based on the first of the four Vedas, the Rig-veda in the Bashkala recension, and among the Brahmana texts, on the Kaushitaka. Alternative titles: Śāṅkhāyana-gṛhya-sūtra (शाङ्खायन-गृह्य-सूत्र), Shank...

Adhyāya I, Khaṇḍa 26

1[1]. To Agni, to the Kṛttikās.

2. To Prajāpati, to Rohiṇī.

3. To Soma, to Mṛgaśiras.

4. To Rudra, to the Ārdrās.

5. To Aditi, to the two Punarvasus.

6. To Bṛhaspati, to Puṣya.

7. To the Serpents, to the Aśleṣās.

8. To the Manes, to the Maghās.

9. To Bhaga, to the two Phalgunīs.

10. To Aryaman, to the two Phalgunīs.

11. To Savitar, to Hasta.

12. To Tvaṣṭar, to Citrā.

13. To Vāyu, to Svāti.

14. To Indra and Agni, to the two Viśākhās.

15. To Mitra, to Anurādhā.

16. To Indra, to Jyeṣṭha.

17. To Nirṛti, to Mūla.

18. To the Waters, to the Aṣāḍhās.

19. To the Viśve devās, to the Aṣāḍhās.

20. To Brahman, to Abhijit.

21. To Viṣṇu, to Śravaṇa.

22. To the Vasus, to the Dhaniṣṭhās.

23. To Varuṇa, to Śatabhiṣaj.

24. To Aja ekapad, to the Proṣṭhapadās.

25. To Ahi budhnya, to the Proṣṭhapadās.

26. To Pūṣan, to Revatī.

27. To the two Aśvins, to the two Aśvinīs.

28. To Yama, to the Bharaṇīs.

Footnotes and references:


26, 1. This chapter is not found in the Śāmbavya-Gṛhya, and Nārāyaṇa expressly designates it as kṣepaka khaṇḍa. It is a sort of appendix to the Sūtras 25, 5. 6; a sacrifice having there been prescribed to three Nakṣatras with their presiding deities, an enumeration of the Nakṣatras and deities is here given. Compare, on similar lists, Weber's second article on the Nakṣatras seq. (Abhandlungen der Berliner Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1861), pp. 289 , 315, 367 seq.

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