Parables of Rama

by Swami Rama Tirtha | 102,836 words

Stories in English used by Swami Rama to illustrate the highest teaching of Vedanta. The most difficult and intricate problems of philosophy and abstract truths, which may very well tax the brains of the most intellectual, are thus made not only simple and easy to understand but also brought home to us in a concrete form in such an interesting and ...

Story 222 - Fall of Napoleon

Napoleon was a great warrior and a hero. He was a terror to the neighboring countries. So long as he maintained the purity of heart and character, his success was assured at every step, in all the directions. He was victorious in every encounter of bloody wars. But from his life, it is quite clear that on the eve of the battle of Waterloo, he had allowed himself to be the victim of sensual weakness. He had poured out his vital fluid into the well of voluptuous dissipation. He had thus lost the lustre of his morality into immodesty, because he had imprisoned himself in the immoral love of a moonfaced beauty.

The result is well known to the student of the history. He lost the battle and could never regain his past glory.

Way to Peace

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