Manusmriti with the Commentary of Medhatithi

by Ganganatha Jha | 1920 | 1,381,940 words | ISBN-10: 8120811550 | ISBN-13: 9788120811553

This is the English translation of the Manusmriti, which is a collection of Sanskrit verses dealing with ‘Dharma’, a collective name for human purpose, their duties and the law. Various topics will be dealt with, but this volume of the series includes 12 discourses (adhyaya). The commentary on this text by Medhatithi elaborately explains various t...

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation by Ganganath Jha:

मात्रा स्वस्रा दुहित्रा वा न विविक्तासनो भवेत् ।
बलवानिन्द्रियग्रामो विद्वांसमपि कर्षति ॥ २१५ ॥

mātrā svasrā duhitrā vā na viviktāsano bhavet |
balavānindriyagrāmo vidvāṃsamapi karṣati || 215 ||

One should not sit alone with his mother, sister or daughter. The powerful host of sense-organs overpowers even the learned.—(215)


Medhātithi’s commentary (manubhāṣya):

For reasons above described ‘one should not sit alone’—in a solitary room, etc., one should not sit; nor should he touch the body, etc. Because the host of sense-organs is extremely fickle; and it ‘overpowers’—draws, makes helpless —‘even the learned’—i.e., the person who has his mind fully controlled by wisdom acquired from the scriptures.—(215)


Comparative notes by various authors

(verses 213-215)

See Comparative notes for Verse 2.213.

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