Section LXIII - Damayanti's Lament: Hunted by a Serpent, Saved by a Hunter

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Book index: Mahabharata (English)
This page contains a summary of the Mahabharata Section LXIII including examples of moral lessons in daily life. The Maha-Bharata is one of the largest epics ever written containing roughly 100,000 Sanskrit verses. It deals with the legendary history of ancient India and contains a large number of interwoven tales.

Mahabharata Section LXIII - Damayanti's Lament: Hunted by a Serpent, Saved by a Hunter
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Short summary of the chapter:
After Nala disappeared, Damayanti woke up in the forest, distraught and calling out for her husband. She searched for him desperately, lamenting his abandonment and expressing her fear and sorrow. The princess wandered in anguish, crying out for Nala and expressing her concern for his well-being in her absence. She was eventually captured by a giant serpent, and as she pleaded for Nala to come to her rescue, a huntsman arrived and saved her by killing the serpent. Damayanti recounted her story to the huntsman, who then tried to force himself upon her, prompting her to curse him, causing him to fall lifeless to the ground.

Damayanti's turmoil and desperate search for her husband Nala in the forest are described, with her emotional outbursts and fear for his safety highlighted. Her encounter with the serpent and subsequent rescue by the huntsman are detailed, showcasing her vulnerability and the dangers she faces alone in the wilderness. The huntsman's attempt to take advantage of Damayanti is portrayed, and her fierce reaction to his advances is depicted in her curse upon him. The sudden turn of events, with the huntsman falling lifeless due to Damayanti's curse, adds a supernatural element to the story. The emotional and physical trials that Damayanti faces in Nala's absence reflect her strength and unwavering devotion to her husband.

Full English translation:

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FAQ of Mahabharata, Section LXIII:

What happened to Damayanti after Nala disappeared?

Damayanti woke up in a lonely forest, screamed for Nala, and was attacked by a serpent. A hunter saved her, but then tried to force himself on her. Damayanti cursed him, and he fell lifeless to the ground.

How did Damayanti react to the hunter's advances?

Damayanti, devoted only to Nala, became angry and cursed the hunter. He fell dead.

What emotions did Damayanti experience in the forest?

Damayanti felt fear, grief, despair, and anger after being abandoned by Nala.

Daily life: Damayanti's Lament: Hunted by a Serpent, Saved by a Hunter:

The story of Damayanti illustrates profound lessons on resilience, faithfulness, and the power of integrity. In daily life, this narrative encourages us to stand firm in the face of adversity. Damayanti's unwavering loyalty to her spouse, despite her harrowing trials, teaches us the importance of maintaining our commitments and values, no matter how challenging the situation. Her resilience, showcased by her continuous search for her husband despite being alone and frightened, serves as a reminder that we too must muster our inner strength and courage when faced with difficulties.

The narrative also highlights the notion of facing consequences that come from one's actions, as seen when the hunter, who intended harm towards Damayanti, faces an immediate repercussion for his deeds. This aspect of the story urges us to reflect on our actions and their impacts on others, promoting a life lived with empathy and consideration. Finally, Damayanti's story teaches us the power of hope and perseverance; despite being in despair, she does not give up. This resilience is a crucial quality to emulate in our lives, ensuring that even in the darkest of times, we continue forward, holding onto hope and integrity.

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