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Verse 1.1.24

एतत्तुल्यं यदि मन्यसे वरं वृणीष्व वित्तं चिरजीविकां च ।
महाभूमौ नचिकेतस्त्वमेधि कामानां त्वा कामभाजं करोमि ॥ २४ ॥

etattulyaṃ yadi manyase varaṃ vṛṇīṣva vittaṃ cirajīvikāṃ ca |
mahābhūmau naciketastvamedhi kāmānāṃ tvā kāmabhājaṃ karomi || 24 ||

24. Some boon equal to this, if thou thinkest fit, demand—wealth and longevity; be king of the wide earth, Nachikêtas, I shall make thee enjoy all thy desires (pertaining to earth and heaven).


Shankara’s Commentary:

Com.—If you think of any other boon equal to that already explained, ask for that also; besides, ask for large quantities of gold and precious stones and longevity to boot. In short, rule as king in the, wide earth; moreover, I shall make thee enjoy all thy desires pertaining to men and gods; for, I am a Dêva whose will never fails.

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