Thakali copper and brass vessels (Jharies) (2)

Image title: Thakali copper and brass vessels (Jharies) (2)

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Copper and brass vessels (Jharies) with spout for offering pure water.

For Devanagari and transliteration, see previous image.

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The Thakali people are an indigenous ethnic group from Nepal whose rise of power can be dated to the mid-19th century. The Thakalis originate from Thak Khola, north-west of Pokhara, western Nepal. Thy are primarily Buddhist practitioners. The Thakali language represents a branch of the Tibet-Barman family, related to languages such as Gurung and Magar.

Photo details:
Date: 2019-11-11
Camera: SONY ILCE-6400
Exposure: 1/25
Aperture: f/4
ISO: 1600
Focal length: 22mm

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Resolution: 1226 x 1839
© License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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