Temple of Sri Cattiyaviratesvarar (Cattiyavirata-isvara)

Image title: Temple of Sri Cattiyaviratesvarar (Cattiyavirata-isvara)

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Fig. 2. Chapter 8
Temple of Sri Cattiyaviratesvarar (Cattiyavirata-isvara)
Putan worshiping linkam (linga)

Original transliteration: Temple of Śrī Cattiyavirateśvarar

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These plates originate from the book The Shaivite legends of Kanchipuram (original title: “Les légendes çivaïtes de Kāñcipuram”) which details the story and legends of the Kanchipuranam: a book that presents Kanchipuram as an important seat of Hinduism where Vaishnavism and Shaivism which have seemingly co-existed since ancient times.

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