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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

raḍaṇēṃ (रडणें).—v i (rudana S) To cry, to utter lamentations or to shed tears. 2 To bewail, bemoan, lament, deplore, regret. Pr. sadā marē tyālā kōṇa raḍē? 3 fig. To undergo destruction, blasting, marring; to be smashed, squashed, dished. Used freely. Ex. cāra divasa māmalata hōtī tīhī raḍalī ātāṃ lāgalē bhīka māgāyālā; mājhēṃ kāya tēthēṃ raḍatēṃ; tujhēṃ kāya tyāvāñcūna raḍatēṃ. 4 This verb is used with the uttermost license in reviling the mode of doing, proceeding, or being of a matter. Ex. ājaparyanta māmalata raḍata hōtī tēvhāṃ kāya āhmālā dilhēṃ tēṃ ā- tāṃ dēṇāra; hā tīna varṣēṃ śēta raḍalā paṇa kāṃhīṃ jhālēṃ nāhīṃ, mī sāvakārī karīna mhaṭalēṃ tī raḍalī ātāṃ dusarēṃ kāṃhīṃ raḍāvēṃ. Further exemplification may be obtained hourly in the streets. raḍatyācēṃ aṃsū pusaṇēṃ To wipe away the tears of the afflicted. 2 fig. To beguile a mourner or a petitioner with solitary words of consolation or with empty promises.

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raḍaṇēṃ (रडणें).—n Crying, weeping. 2 Bewailing, lamenting.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

raḍaṇēṃ (रडणें).—v i Cry; bewail. To undergo des- truction. n Crying; bewailing.

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