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In Buddhism

Theravada (major branch of Buddhism)

He belonged to a noblemans family of Benares, and, becoming distinguished in various branches of knowledge, visited the Buddha at Isipatana. There, gaining faith, he entered the Order, becoming an Arahant in due course.

Ninety four kappas ago, in the time of Sumedha Buddha, he was a householder, and, seeing the Buddha begging for alms, gave him an amoda fruit. Thag.131f; ThagA.i.252f.

(Source): Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names
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Theravāda is a major branch of Buddhism having the the Pali canon (tipitaka) as their canonical literature, which includes the vinaya-pitaka (monastic rules), the sutta-pitaka (Buddhist sermons) and the abhidhamma-pitaka (philosophy and psychology).

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