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Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Māsācita, (māsa1+ācita) filled by the (say 6 or more) month(s), i.e. heavy (alluding to the womb in advanced pregnancy), heaped full M. I, 332 (kucchi garu-garu viya māsācitaṃ maññe ti; Neumann translates “wie ein Sack voll Bohnen, ” thus taking m. =māsa2, and ācita as “heap” which however is not justified). This passage has given rise to a gloss at Vbh. 386, where māsācitaṃ maññe was added to kāyo garuko akammañño, in meaning “heavy, languid. ” The other enumerations of the 8 kusīta-vatthūni (A. IV, 332; D. III, 255) do not give m. m. It may be that the resemblance between akam‹-› mañño and maññe has played a part in reminding the Commentator of this phrase. The fact that Bdhgh comments on this passage in the VbhA. (p. 510) shows, that the reading of Vbh. 386 is a very old one. Bdhgh takes māsa in the sense of māsa2 & explains māsācita as “wet bean” (tinta māso), thus omitting explanation of ācita. The passage at VbhA. 510 runs: “ettha pana māsācitaṃ nāma tintamāso, yathā tintamāso garuko hoti, evaṃ garuko ti adhippāyo. ” (Page 531)

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