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kāḷācā phērā (काळाचा फेरा).—m The rounds or circuit of kāḷa or yama. Yama is on his circuit; i. e. some death or dire calamity is to happen. 2 Applied, as cauṛyāśīcā phērā, to the round of the eighty-four lakhs of births.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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Phera (फेर).—m. (-raḥ) A jackal.
Sadesatica Phera
sāḍēsātīcā phērā (साडेसातीचा फेरा).—m (Because Saturn, a planet of inauspicious influences, abi...
kāḷācā-kāḷā (काळाचा-काळा).—m (One that may kill. Death himself.) A term for a terri- ble fellow...
Akabaica Phera
akābāīcā phērā (अकाबाईचा फेरा).—m The perambulation or rounds of Miss Fortune. v yē.
akābāīcā-phērā (अकाबाईचा-फेरा).—m The rounds of misfortune.
cauṛyāśīcā-phērā (चौऱ्याशीचा-फेरा) [-garakā, -गरका].—m An inextricable maze. The round of 84 la...
kalaca (कलच).—m Grime or thick-caked dirt (esp. upon the body). v caḍha, basa.
Shanica Phera
śanīcā phērā (शनीचा फेरा).—m The rounds (or visitation) of Saturn. Used in accounting for or in...
Navyannavaca Phera
navyāṇṇavācā phērā (नव्याण्णवाचा फेरा).—m (The rounds, intricacies, or labyrinth of 99. From an...
Kalaca Kala
kāḷācā kāḷa (काळाचा काळ).—m (One that may kill Death himself. ) A term for a terrible fellow; a...
Kalaca Kakada
kāḷācā kākaḍā (काळाचा काकडा).—m A term for a tough and enduring old fellow; a hale and hearty o...
navyāṇṇavacā-phērā (नव्याण्णवचा-फेरा).—m A term for Cupidity viewed as an engrossing and over- ...
Tantra (तन्त्र) refers to a type of ritualistic worship, as mentioned in the Śivapurāṇa 1.10. T...
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Apaghāta (अपघात).—m. (-taḥ) Striking or cutting off, killing. E. apa, and ghāta striking.

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