Gemstones of the Good Dhamma


by Ven. S. Dhammika | 1995–2010 | 8,721 words

This Compilation extracts some of the more popular verses of the Dhammapada, which is (by far) the most popular book of the Sutta Pitaka (second part of the pali-canon). Other interesting verses (addressing Buddha and his enlightened disciples), found across the Sutta Pitaka are also included....

Part 17 - Mettavagga II - Love II

156. Yathapi udakam nama
kalyane papake jane
samam pharati sitena
pavaheti rajomalam.

Just as water cools
both good and bad
and washes away all
impurity and dust.

157. Tath'eva tvam pi ahitahite
samam mettaya bhavaya
mettaparamitam gantva
sambodhim papunissasi.

In the same way you should develop thoughts
of love to friend and foe alike,
and having reached perfection in love,
you will attain enlightenment.

158. "Yatha aham tatha ete
yatha ete tatha aham"
attanam upamam katva
na haneyya na ghataye.

"As I am, so are others;
as others are, so am I."
Having thus identified self and others,
harm no one nor have them harmed.

159. Apadakehi me mettam
mettam dipadakehi me
catuppadehi me mettam
mettam bahuppadehi me.

I have love for the footless,
for the bipeds too I have love;
I have love for those with four feet,
for the many-footed I have love.

160. Ma mam apadako himsi
ma mam himsi dipadako
ma mam catuppado himsi
ma mam himsi bahuppado.

May the footless harm me not,
may the bipeds harm me not,
may those with four feet harm me not,
may those with many feet harm me not.

161. Sabbe satta sabbe pana
sabbe bhuta ca kevala
sabbe bhadrani passantu
ma kañci papamagama.

May all creatures, all living things,
all beings one and all,
experience good fortune only.
May they not fall into harm.

162. Sabbamitto sabbasakho
mettam cittañ ca bhavemi
abyapajjharato sada.

I am a friend and helper to all,
I am sympathetic to all living beings.
I develop a mind full of love
and always delight in harmlessness.

163. Asamhiram asamkuppam
cittam amodayam'aham
brahmaviharam bhavemi

I gladden my mind, fill it with joy,
make it immovable and unshakable.
I develop the divine states of mind
not cultivated by evil men.

164. Tasma sakam paresam pi
katabba mettabhavana
mettacittena pharitabbam
etam buddhana sasanam.

Therefore the meditation on love
should be done for oneself and others.
All should be suffused with love:
this is the teaching of the Buddha.

165. Yo ca mettam bhavayati
appamanam patissato
tanu samyojana honti
passato upadhikkhayam.

Whoever makes love grow
boundless, and sets his mind
for seeing the end of birth:
his fetters are worn thin.
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