A Dictionary Of Chinese Buddhist Terms

With Sanskrit And English Equivalents And A Sanskrit-pali Index

by William Edward Soothill | 1937 | 324,264 words

For about a thousand years, Buddhism dominated the thought of China and her thinkers were occupied with Buddhist philosophy. This dictionary serves as a resource to the interpretation of Chinese culture, as well as an important reference for the comparative study of Sanskrit and Pali originals. The author provides a key for the students which to u...

Part 29 - Twenty-nine Strokes

Dense, oppressive, anxious; translit. u sounds; cf. 郁, 優, 嗢, 殟, 烏.

鬱多摩 uttama, highest, chief, greatest.

鬱多羅 uttara, upper, higher, superior; subsequent; result; excess; the north; also 鬱恒羅, etc.

鬱多羅僧伽 (鬱多羅僧) uttarāsaṅga, an upper or outer garment; the seven-patch robe of a monk; also used for the robe flung toga-like over the left shoulder.

鬱多羅究留 Uttarakuru, also 鬱多羅拘樓; 鬱多羅鳩婁; 郁多羅拘樓; 郁恒羅拘瑠; 郁恒羅越; 郁軍越, etc. The northern of the four continents around Meru, square in shape, inhabited by square-faced people; explained by 高上作 superior to or higher than other continents, 勝 superior, 勝生 superior life, because human life there was supposed to last a thousand years and food was produced without human effort. Also, the dwelling of gods and saints in Brahmanic cosmology; one of the Indian 'nine divisions of the world, the country of the northern Kurus. situated in the north of India, and described as the countπy of eternal beatitude.' M. W.

鬱持 uda; also 鬱持迦; 優陀伽; 鳥娜迦 udaka; water.

鬱瑟尼沙 鬱失尼沙. 烏 uṣṇīṣa.

鬱頭藍 (鬱頭藍佛) Udraka Ramaputra; 鬱頭藍子; 鬱陀羅羅摩子 A Brahman ascetic, to whom miraculous powers are ascribed, for a time mentor of Śākyamuni after he left home.

鬱金 kuṅkuma, saffron; a plant from which scent is made.

鬱鉢羅 v. 優鉢羅 utpala, blue lotus.

鬱陀 cf. 憂 15 and 鬱頭.

鬱陀那 v. 優陀那 udāna, voluntary addresses.

鬱鞞羅 Uruvilvā, the forest near Gaya where Śākyamuni was an ascetic for six years; also defined as a stream in that forest; cf. 優樓頻螺.

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