Verses on the Perfection of Wisdom

Prajñāpāramitā Ratnaguṇasaṃcayagāthā

14,137 words

Prajnaparamita Ratnagunasamcayagatha Translated by Edward Conze (Taisho Tripitaka 0229)...

Chapter XXXIX

The Perfection of Concentration

Those of great might who dwell in the four Trances
Do not make them into a place to settle down in, nor into a home.
But these four Trances, with their limbs, will in their turn become
The basis for the attainment of the supreme and unsurpassed enlightenment.

One who is established in the Trances becomes one who obtains the foremost wisdom;
And also when he experiences the four most excellent Formless Trances,
He makes these Trances subservient to the best and foremost enlightenment.
But it is not for the extinction of the outflows that the Bodhisattva trains himself in these.

Astonishing and wonderful is this accumulation of precious qualities.
When they have dwelled in Trance and Concentration, there is then no sign.
When the personality of those who have stood therein breaks up,
They are reborn again in the world of sense-desire, as [and where] they had intended.

As some man from Jambudvipa who had in the past been a god,
Would, after reaching again the highest abodes of the gods,
See the apartments contained in them
And would then again come back, and not make his home therein;

Just so those Bodhisattvas, bearers of the best qualities,
Having dwelt in Trance and Concentration, Yogins who have exerted themselves,
Become again established in the sense-world, unstained
As the lotus in water, independent of the dharmas of the fools.

Except in order to mature beings, to purify the [Buddha-] field,
To fulfil these perfections, the Great-souled ones
Do not strive after rebirth in the formless world,
Lest there be a loss of the perfections and of the qualities of enlightenment therein.

It is as if some man, having found a deposit of jewels,
Would not generate longing in his intelligence with regard to it.
At some other time he may acquire a few of them;
Having taken hold of them, having entered his home, he would not be covetous [for any more?].

Just so the wise Bodhisattvas who have gained
The calm concentration of the four Trances, which gives joy and ease,
Having let go the acquisition of the joy and ease of Trance and concentration,
They enter again into the sensuous world, compassionate for all that lives.

When a Bodhisattva dwells in the concentration of the Trances,
He generates no longing in his intelligence for the vehicle of the Arhats and Pratyekabuddhas:
[For then] he becomes unconcentrated, in his thought distracted and puffed up,
He has lost the qualities of a Buddha, a sailor who suffers shipwreck.

Although he applies himself to the five sense-qualities, -
To form and sound, and likewise smell, and taste, and touch,
When free from the vehicle of the Arhats and Pratyekabuddhas, the joyous Bodhisattva
Should, a hero, be wisely known as being constantly concentrated.


The Perfection of Vigour

They have pure and courageous minds and are linked to other beings and persons,
[When] they are practising the excellent perfection of Vigour.
As a maid servant is submissive to her master who is not subject to anyone else,
So do the firmly wise submit to subjection by all beings.

The servant does not answer back to her master,
Even when abused, struck, or beaten.
Exceedingly trembling in mind, and overcome by fear,
She thinks, 'He surely will kill me for that!'

Just so the Bodhisattva who has set out for the foremost enlightenment,
Should behave towards the entire world like a true servant.
Thereupon he obtains enlightenment, and the fulfilment of the qualities takes place.
Fire, which has arisen from grass and sticks, [then] burns them up.

Having renounced a happy destiny for himself,
Practising his duty towards other beings, day and night, in his thought free from hesitation:
Like a mother, ministering to [her] only child,
He abides in his resolute intention unexhausted.

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