The Great Chariot

by Longchenpa | 268,580 words

A Commentary on Great Perfection: The Nature of Mind, Easer of Weariness In Sanskrit the title is ‘Mahāsandhi-cittā-visranta-vṛtti-mahāratha-nāma’. In Tibetan ‘rDzogs pa chen po sems nyid ngal gso’i shing rta chen po shes bya ba ’...

Part 3b - The kaya of the manifestation of enlightenment

The kaya of the manifestation of enlightenment is the essence of ultimate renunciation/realization. Thus:

Because the nature has become completely pure
Of the two obscurations, which are merely incidental,
The ocean of omniscience regarding all dharmas is reached.
Due to all the qualities having become complete,
Those of renunciation that is also realization,
Dealing with the aspects of perfection of power and so on,
This is called the kaya of manifesting enlightenment.
This is the ground of arising of buddhas' exclusive qualities.

At the time of the ultimate luminous nature of mind, the aspect possessing the two purities has the qualities of realization. These are the ten powers, four fearlessnesses, eighteen exclusive dharmas of the buddhas, the great compassion, the thirty-seven factors of enlightenment, and so forth, as discussed above. This aspect, also possessing the powers of supreme knowledge and kindness, is the kaya of the manifestation of enlightenment. It is the ground of arising of all the exclusive qualities of a buddha. The Net of Wisdom says:

To separate all stains, it undergoes purification.
When blossoming qualities expand into perfection.
Because of their non-dual mixing, these are in perfect union.
Thus it is called the kaya of manifesting enlightenment.[1]

The Seventeen Refuges (skyabs ‘gro bcu bdun pa) says:

Because it is purified of ignorance and sleep,
Because the mind expands as all that can be known,
Buddhahood blossoms forth like the petals of a lotus.[2]

The Uttaratantra says: #1047.2

Buddhahood is completely inseparable.
Yet purified dharmas are fully discriminated.
Wisdom is like the sun, and space is like
The dualistic marks that are left behind.
The two are made inseparable luminous aspects.
It is like the pervasive river Ganges,
Being beyond the sand grains in its bed;
Buddhahood is possession of all dharmas.

The nature of buddhahood is unestablished.
As for the universal and incidental,
Obscurations of kleshas and knowables,
Are said to be like clouds floating in the sky

The cause of being free of the two obscurations
Is this two-fold wisdom of buddhahood
Non-thought and its post-meditation are called wisdom
These are what are called by the name of wisdom.

Footnotes and references:


“Purification” is byang and “perfection” chub. The “kaya of manifesting enlightenment” is mngon par byang chub kyi sku.


“Purified” is sangs. “Expands” and “blossom” are rgyas, the components of Buddhahood, sangs rgyas.

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