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A Guide for Laypeople

Offering Daana Other Than Food


When a lay woman wishes to offer a bhikkhu some kind of daana other than food, (e.g., books, beverages, medicines) the first step is to approach the seated bhikkhu respectfully in the manner outlined above, pay respects, and let him know that you would like to make the offering, indicating exactly what the nature of the offering is. (In this way the bhikkhu can circumvent any inadvertently inappropriate offering.)

The bhikkhu will place down a piece of cloth and the person can then move forward and carefully place the offering on it.

The person should then pay respects again and move back a little. As with food offerings, shoes should be removed, and a low position in relation to the bhikkhu should be maintained.


Lay men can follow the above procedure also, except that the item offered can be handed directly to the bhikkhu.

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