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Canonical Pâli Buddhist Literature of the Theravâda School

The End

The Tipitaka is an extensive body of Canonical Pali literature in which are enshrined the Teachings of Gotama Buddha expounded for forty-five years from the time of his enlightenment to his Parmibbana

The general discourses and sermons intended for both the bhikkhus and lay disciples, delivered by the Buddha on various occasions (together with a few discourses delivered by some of his distinguished disciples), are collected and classified in a great division known as the Suttanta Pitaka

The great division in which are incorporated injunctions and admonitions of the Buddha on modes of conduct, and restraints on both bodily and verbal actions of bhikkhus and bhikkhunTs, which form rules of discipline for them, is called the Vmaya Pitaka

The philosophical aspect of the Buddha's Teaching, more profound and abstract than the discourses of the Suttanta Pitaka, is classified under the great division known as the Abhidhamma Pitaka Abhidhamma deals with ultimate truths, expounds ultimate truths and investigates Mind and Matter and the relationship between them

All that the Buddha taught forms the subject matter and substance of the Pali Canon, which is divided into these three divisions called Pitakas literally baskets Hence Tipitaka means three baskets or three separate divisions of the Buddha's Teaching


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