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Canonical Pâli Buddhist Literature of the Theravâda School

Part V - Ciilayamaka Vagga

(1) Saleyyaka Sutta

This exposition was given to villagers of Sala on ten demerito- rious deeds that would lead to states of misery and woe and ten meri- torious deeds that would given rise to rebirth in happy realms

(2) Veranjaka Sutta

This discourse was given to the householders of Veranja dealing with identical subjects as in the Saleyyaka Sutta

(3) Mahavedalla Sutta

The Venerable Mahakotthika asked many questions to the Venerable Sariputta at Savatthi regarding an uninstructed person with no panna, and instructed persons with panna, many questions on vinnana and vedana, on the difference between panna and vinnana, and many other things. The Venerable Sariputta obliged him with detailed answers

(4) Culavedalla Sutta

Then Dhammadinna was asked many questions by the house- holder Visakha about personality, Sakkaya, the origin of Sakkaya, the cessation of Sakkaya and the way leading to cesstion of Sakkaya. All the questions were satisfactorily answered by the Theri

(5) Culadhammasamadana Sutta

This sutta describes four practices involving* (i) happy living now, followed by dire consequences in the future, (ii) unhappy living now, followed by dire consequences in the future; (iii) unhappy living now, followed by a happy life in the future; (iv) happy living now, followed by a happy life in the future.

(6) Mahadhammasamadaoa Sutta

In this discourse, the four practices as described in Culadham- masamadana Sutta are explained with more details giving similes of poisoned fruit juice, delicious cordial and medicinal preparation of cow's urine.

(7) Vimariisaka Sutta

Any claim to Buddhahood may be put to acid tests as provided in this sutta A detailed procedure to scrutinize such claim is laid down here

(8) Kosambiya Sutta

This discourse on how loving-kindness should be the basis of their relations was given by the Buddha to the Bhikkhus of Kosambi who were living in discord because of disagreement over trifling matters

(9) Brahmanimantaiiika Sutta

The Brahrna Baka held the wrong view of eternity, believing in permanence, stability, and endurance The Buddha showed him how wrong his belief was

(10) Maratajjaniya Sutta

This is an account given by the Venerable Maha Moggallana of how Mara once troubled him by causing pains and aches in the sto- mach. He had to coax him to stop annoying him by telling him that he had been Mara's uncle at the time of Kakusandha Buddha.  

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