by Nina van Gorkom | 1999 | 122,172 words

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Appendix 6 - Appendix To Chapter 12

The cittas accompanied by chanda, zeal or wish-to-do: Chanda can be of all four jatis, but as regards the jati which is vipaka, chanda accompanies only maha-vipakacittas, not ahetuka vipakacittas; as regards the jati which it kiriya, chanda accompanies only maha-kiriyacittas, not ahetuka kiriyacittas. Out of the eighty-nine cittas, twenty cittas are not accompanied by chanda: the two types of moha-mula-citta and the eighteen ahetuka cittas.

Summarizing the cittas which are accompanied by chanda, they are the following , when cittas are counted as eighty-nine:

  • 10 akusala cittas
  • 24 kammavacara sobhana cittas
  • 15 rupkavacara cittas
  • 12 arupavacara cittas
  • 8 lokuttara cittas

Altogether 69 cittas.

When lokuttara cittas accompanied by the jhana-factors of the different stages of jhana are taken into account, there are forty lokuttara cittas instead of eight. In that case there are hundred and-one cittas accompanied by chanda.

July 1, 2001

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