Buddha Desana

And Essential Principles of Enlightenment

by Sayadaw U Pannadipa | 1998 | 17,153 words

Aggamaha Saddhamma Jotika Dhaja Dean, Faculty of Patipatti, I T B M U, Yangon 1998...

Chapter 12 - Anatta

The Ultimate Reality

So in the ultimate sense of reality, there is no entity of body or mind, but just the manifestation of physical and mental states which are always subject to the nature of insubstantially or Non-soul (Anatta ). It is only because of this significant doctrine of Anatta, non-soul theory, Buddhism firmly stands its pristine purity abreast with modern science and is still seen as good and beneficial as in our modern age. In this way, Buddhism should be properly understood as to how it differs from other religions.

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