A Manual of Abhidhamma

by Nārada Thera | 80,494 words | ISBN-13: 9789380336510

In the Abhidhammattha Sangaha there is a brief exposition of the Law of Dependent Origination, followed by a descriptive account of the Causal Relations that finds no parallel in any other philosophy. Edited in the original Pali Text with English Translation and Explanatory Notes by Narada Maha Thera....



§ 8.

Ettha pana sotāpattimaggam bhāvetvā ditthivicikicchāpahānena pahīnāpāyagamano sattakkhattuparamo sotāpanno nāma hoti.

Sakadāgāmimaggam bhāvetvā rāgadosamohānam tanukaratta sakadāgāmi nāma hoti. Sakid'eva imam lokam āgantvā anāgāmimaggam bhāvetvā kāmarāgavyāpādānam anavasesappahānena anāgāmi nāma hoti, anāgantvā itthattam.

Arahattamaggam bhāvetvā anavasesakilesappahānena arahā nāma hoti, Khīnāsavo loke aggadakkhineyyo.

Ayam ettha puggalabhedo.



§ 8.

Herein, developing the Path of Stream-Attainment (52), eradicating false views and doubts, and escaping from going to woeful states, one becomes a Stream-Winner who is born seven times at most.

Developing the Path of once-Returning (53), and attenuating lust, hatred, and ignorance, one becomes a Once-Returner, returning to this world only once.

Developing the path of Never-Returning (54), and totally eradicating sensual desires and hatred, one becomes a Never-Returner not returning to this (Sentient) state.

Developing the Path of the Worthy, and totally eradicating all defilements, one becomes a Worthy One (55), who is free from Corruptions, and who is fit to receive the highest offerings in this world.

Herein this is the section on Individuals.




52. Sotāpanno - One who has entered the stream that leads to Nibbāna for the first time.

There are three classes of Sotāpannas, namely:

  1. Those who will be born seven times at most in heavenly and earthly realms (sattakkhattuparama). Before seeking an eighth birth, they attain Arahatship
  2. Those who seek birth in noble families two or three times before they attain Arahatship (kolamkola)
  3. Those who are born only once more before they attain Arahatship (ekabījī)

A Sotāpanna has unshakable confidence in the Buddha, Dhamma, and the Sangha. He neither violates the five precepts nor commits the heinous crimes. Free from birth in woeful states, he is ever destined for enlightenment.

53. Sakadāgāmi - One who returns to this world of human beings only once. After attaining Sakadāgāmi in this life, he may be born in a heavenly realm and attain Arahatship seeking birth in the human plane.

There are five kinds of Sakadāgāmis, namely:

  1. Those who attain Sakadāgāmi here and attain Parinibbāna here itself
  2. Those who attain Sakadāgāmi in a heavenly realm and attain Parinibbāna there
  3. Those who attain Sakadāgāmi here and attain Parinibbāna in a heavenly realm
  4. Those who attain Sakadāgāmi in a heavenly realm and attain Parinibbāna in this human plane
  5. Those who attain Sakadāgāmi here and, having being born in a heavenly realm, seek birth in this human plane and attain Parinibbāna

54. Anāgāmi - one who will not return to this Sense sphere (kāmaloka). Such beings are born in the 'Pure Abodes' (suddhāvāsa), higher Brahma realms where Anāgāmis abide till they attain Arahatship.

There are five classes of Anāgāmis:

  1. Those who attain Parinibbāna within the first half life-span in the Pure Abodes (antaraparinibbāyi)
  2. Those who attain Parinibbāna having lived more than half a life-span (upahaccaparinibbāyi)
  3. Those who attain Parinibbāna with exertion (sasankhāra parinibbāyi)
  4. Those who attain Parinibbāna without exertion (asasankhāra parinibbāyi)
  5. Those who, passing beyond one Brahma realm to another higher Brahma realm, attain Parinibbāna in the Highest Brahma realm (uddhamsota akanitthagāmi)

55. Khīnāsavo - synonymous with an Arahat, a Worthy One, because he has destroyed all the defilements.

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