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Vasuki, aka: Vāsuki; 3 Definition(s)

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Vāsuki (वासुकि):—One of the Nāgas that dwell on the Niṣadha mountain, according to the Vāyu-purāṇa.

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Vasuki : King of the Nagas or serpents who live in Patala. He was used by the gods and Asuras for a coil round the mountain Mandara at the churning of the ocean.

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Vasuki is a giant snake, the king of all serpents. Some stories put the name of the king of serpents as Takshaka, who was the snake who was responsible for Parikshit's death.

The most famous story in which Vasuki appears is the incident of churning the ocean of milk to obtain Amrit. Vasuki was used as the rope with which mount meru was bound to churn the ocean. The strain caused him to exhale Alahala, the most potent venom in the universe. There was the danger that this poison could destroy all living beings, which was averted by Shiva who swallowed the poison, turning his throat blue and earning him the sobriquet - Nilakanta (blue-throated).

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