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AkA: Jīna

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jina : (m.) the conqueror; the victor; the Buddha. || jīna (pp. of jīyati), become old; decayed. (adj.) diminished; wasted; deprived of.

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Jīna,(pp.of jīyati) diminished,wasted,deprived of (with Acc.or Abl.) having lost; with Acc.:J.III,153,223,335; V,99 (atthaṁ:robbed of their possessions; Com.parihīna vinaṭṭha).-- with Abl.:J.V,401 (read jīnā dhanā).(Page 284)

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Jina,(pp.med.of jayati) conquering,victorious,often of the Buddha,“Victor”:jitā me pāpakā dhammā tasmâhaṁ Upaka jino ti Vin.I,8=M.I,171; Vin.V,217; Sn.379,697,989,996.magga° conqueror of the Path Sn.84 sq.; saṁsuddha° (id.) Sn.372.Cp khetta°.In other connections:Pv IV.333; Th.2,419 (jin’amhase rūpinaṁ Lacchiṁ expld at ThA.268 as jinā amhase jinā vat’amha rūpavatiṁ Siriṁ).

--cakka the Buddha’s reign,rule,authority J.IV,100; --putta disciple of the B.Miln.177; --bhūmi the ground or footing of a conqueror PvA.254; --sāsana the doctrine of the B.Dpvs.IV,3,10.(Page 284)

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