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Jina, aka: Jīna; 2 Definition(s)

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Jīna, (pp. of jīyati) diminished, wasted, deprived of (with Acc. or Abl.) having lost; with Acc. : J. III, 153, 223, 335; V, 99 (atthaṃ: robbed of their possessions; Com. parihīna vinaṭṭha).—with Abl. : J. V, 401 (read jīnā dhanā). (Page 284)

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Jina, (pp. med. of jayati) conquering, victorious, often of the Buddha, “Victor”: jitā me pāpakā dhammā tasmâhaṃ Upaka jino ti Vin. I, 8=M. I, 171; Vin. V, 217; Sn. 379, 697, 989, 996. magga° conqueror of the Path Sn. 84 sq.; saṃsuddha° (id.) Sn. 372. Cp khetta°. In other connections: Pv IV. 333; Th. 2, 419 (jin’amhase rūpinaṃ Lacchiṃ expld at ThA. 268 as jinā amhase jinā vat’amha rūpavatiṃ Siriṃ).

—cakka the Buddha’s reign, rule, authority J. IV, 100; —putta disciple of the B. Miln. 177; —bhūmi the ground or footing of a conqueror PvA. 254; —sāsana the doctrine of the B. Dpvs. IV, 3, 10. (Page 284)

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jina : (m.) the conqueror; the victor; the Buddha. || jīna (pp. of jīyati), become old; decayed. (adj.) diminished; wasted; deprived of.

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