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Caturaśra, aka: Catur-ashra; 3 Definition(s)

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Caturaśra (चतुरश्र, “square”).—One of three main types of playhouses, according to the Nāṭyaśāstra 2.7-8. The term nāṭyaśāstra refers to the ancient Indian science of performing arts, e.g. drama, dance, music.

according to the Nāṭyaśāstra 2.86-92, “ A plot of land, thirty-two cubits in length and breadth, is to be measured out in an auspicious moment, and on it the playhouse should be erected by experts in dramatic art. Rules, definitions and propitiatory ceremonies mentioned before [in case of a playhouse of the oblong (vikṛṣṭa) type] will also apply in case of that of the square type”

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Caturaśra (चतुरश्र):—The Sanskrit name for a classification of a ‘temple’, according to the 2nd century Matsyapurāṇa and the Viśvakarmaprakāśa, both featuring a list of 20 temple types. This list represents the classification of temples in South-India. The Vāstuśāstras (composed of vāstu, ‘building’ and śāstra, ‘instruction’) represent a Hindu branch of science dealing with architecture and construction.

Caturaśra is found in another list in the Samarāṅgaṇasūtradhāra, chapter 63, where it is listed in the group named Nāgara, containing 20 different prāsādas (temples/buildings).

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One of the saṃyutta-hastāni (Twenty-six combined Hands).—Caturaśra (square): Kaṭaka-mukha hands are held before the chest. Patron deity Varāhi. Usage: churning, Jakkiṇī-naṭana, holding, milking, covering with cloths, wearing pearls, dragging ropes, tying the girdle, tying the bodice, holding flowers, etc., plying the fly-whisk.

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