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Arupa, aka: Arūpa; 4 Definition(s)

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Arūpa, (adj.) (a + rūpa) without form or body, incorporeal, D. I, 195 sq. ; III, 240; Sn. 755; It. 62; Sdhp. 228, 463, 480. See details under rūpa.

—âvacara the realm or world of Formlessness, Dhs. 1281—1285; Ps. I, 83 sq. , 101. —kāyika belonging to the group of formless beings Miln. 317 (devā). —ṭhāyin standing in or being founded on the Formless It. 62. —taṇhā “thirst" for the Formless D. III, 216. —dhātu the element or sphere of the Incoporeal (as one of the 3 dhātus rūpa°, arūpa°, nirodha°; see dhātu) D. III, 215, 275; It. 45. —bhava formless existence D. III, 216. —loka the world of the Formless, Sdhp. 494. —saññin not having the idea of form D. II, 110; III, 260; Exp. I. 252. (Page 78)

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arūpa : (adj.) formless; incorporeal; non-substantial.

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In Jainism, 'arupi' stands for 'non-material'. Probably the same as arupa.

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Absence of matter.

Added: 26.Apr.2009 | Dhamma Dana: Pali English Glossary
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arūpaloka : (m.) the world of the formless.
Arupa Bhava
s. bhava, loka.
Arūpa Jjhāna
- s. jhāna.
Arūpa Kkhandha
The four 'immaterial groups' of existence are: feeling, perception, mental formations, consciou...
Arupavacara Citta
Part of Lokiya Cittas. There are 12 arupavacara cittas. They can be divided into three groups ...
Rupa Sutta
Rūpa, (nt.) (cp. Vedic rūpa, connected etymologically with varpa (Grassmann).—The Nom. pl. is r...
Rūpa (रूप) is a Sanskrit word translating to “form”, “aggregate” or ...
Rūpa Loka
Rūpa, (nt.) (cp. Vedic rūpa, connected etymologically with varpa (Grassmann).—The Nom. pl. is r...
Rupa Vagga
Rūpa, (nt.) (cp. Vedic rūpa, connected etymologically with varpa (Grassmann).—The Nom. pl. is r...
1) Jhāna, 2 (nt.) (from jhāyati2) conflagration, fire D. III, 94; J. I, 347. (Page 286)2) Jhān...
Taṇhā is a Buddhist term that literally means "thirst," and is commonly translated...
Dhatu Sutta
Dhātu, (f.) (Sk. dhātu to dadhāti, Idg. *dhē, cp. Gr. ti/qhmi, a)nά—qhma, Sk. dhāman, dhāṭr (=L...
Arupakusala Citta
Part of arupavacara cittas 4 arupakusala cittas are cittas that arise when arupa jhana are bei...
Arupakiriya Citta
Part of arupavacara cittas Where the practitioner is an arahat, then the arising arupa jhana a...
The word Dhātu is derived from the verb Dhrī, which means to support. There are 7 Dhātus whi...

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