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Zarathushtra, aka: Zoroaster, Zartosht, Zoroastres, Zoroastris, Zaratustra; 3 Definition(s)

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name of the founder of Zoroastrianism. (Var: Parsi Guj. 'Zarthosht', Phl. 'Zartosht, Zardusht', Greek 'Zoroaster')

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see Zarathushtra.

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Zartosht is spiritual chief of the region of Xwaniratha, and also of all the regions; he is chief of the world of the righteous, and it is said that the whole religion was received by them from Zartosht.

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Founder of Zoroastrianism. He was an Iranian prophet and philosopher. He was born into the priestly family of the Spitamids. 

In the Gathas, Zoroaster sees the human condition as the mental struggle between aša (truth) and druj (lie).

Zoroaster was greatly concerned about the superstitious beliefs of his people, and so the first truth he taught was that God is one - the wise Lord 'Ahura Mazda' or 'Ormuzd', who is the creator of the universe and who lives in the heart of man as external Righteousness and the truth.

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