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Sugata, (su+gata) faring well, happy, having a happy life after death (gati): see under gata; cp. Vism. 424 (s. = sugati-gata). Freq. Ep. of the Buddha (see Dict. of Names).

—aṅgula a Buddha-inch, an inch according to the standard accepted by Buddhists Vin. IV, 168. —ālaya imitation of the Buddha J. I, 490, 491; II, 38, 148, 162; III, 112. —ovāda a discourse of the Blessed one J. I, 119, 349; II, 9, 13, 46; III, 368. —vidatthi a Buddha-span, a span of the accepted length Vin. III, 149; IV, 173. —vinaya the discipline of the Buddha A. II, 147. (Page 716)

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sugata : (adj.) faring well; happy. (m.), the Buddha.

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