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Pṛthu Vainya, aka: Prithu Vainya; 1 Definition(s)

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Pṛthu Vainya: He is mentioned in the Ṛg-veda as a seer. Pargiter suggests that the Pṛthu Vainya i nthe list of the mantrakṛt sages was a descendant of Pṛthu, son of Vena, “for Vainya Pṛthu is included in a list of eighteen Bhārgava hymn-makers and appears as Venya Pṛthī in Ṛgveda X. 148, 8.” Thus this Vainya Pṛthu is, according to him, a different person from the king Pṛthu of the hoary past.

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