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1. Okkaka - A king, ancestor of the Sakyas and the Kolians.

In the Ambattha Sutta (D.i.92) it is stated that Okkaka, being fond of his queen and wishing to transfer the kingdom to her son, banished from the kingdom the elder princes by another wife. These princes were named Okkamukha, Karakanda, Hatthinika, and Sinipura.

The Mahavastu (which confuses Iksvaku with his ancestor Sujata) mentions five sons of Iksvaku: Opura, Ulkamukha, Karandaka, Hastikasirsa and Nipura (i.348). See also Rockhill, p.9ff.

They lived on the slopes of the Himalaya and, consorting with their sisters and their descendants, formed the Sakyan race. The legend, thus briefly given, is enlarged on with great detail in the Commentaries. According to Buddhaghosa, there are three dynasties with a king named Okkaka at the head of each, all of them lineal descendants of the primeval king, Mahasammata, and in the line of succession of Makadeva.

The Okkaka of the third dynasty bad five queens - Bhatta, Citta, Jantu, Jalini and Visakha - each with five hundred female attendants. The eldest queen had four sons - mentioned above - and five daughters - Piya, Suppiya, Ananda, Vijita and Vijitasena. (The Mtu. calls them Suddha, Vimala Vijita, Jala and Jali).

When Bhatta died, after the birth of these nine children, the king married another young and beautiful princess and made her the chief queen. Her son was Jantu, and being pleased with him, the king promised her a boon. She claimed the kingdom for her son, and this was the reason for the exile of the elder children (DA.i.258f; SnA.i.352f).

The Mahavamsa (Mhv.ii.12-16) mentions among Okkakas descendants, Nipuna, Candima, Candamukha, Sivisanjaya, Vessantara, Jali, Sihavahana and Sihassara. The last named had eighty four thousand descendants, the last of whom was Jayasena. His son Sihahanu was the grandfather of the Buddha. The Dipavamsa (iii.41-5) list resembles this very closely.

Okkaka had a slave girl called Disa, who gave birth to a black baby named, accordingly, Kanha. He was the ancestor of the Kanhayanas, of which race the Ambattha clan was an offshoot. Later, Kanha became a mighty sage and, by his magic power, won in marriage Maddarupi, another daughter of Okkaka (D.i.93, 96).

According to the Brahmana Dhammika Sutta (Sn.p.52ff; AA.ii.737), it was during the time of Okkaka that the brahmins started their practice of slaughtering animals for sacrifice. Till then there had been only three diseases in the world - desire, hunger and old age; but from this time onwards the enraged devas afflicted humans with various kinds of suffering.

It is said (DA.i.258) that the name Okkaka was given to the king because when he spoke light issued from his mouth like a torch (kathanakale ukka viya mukhato pabha niccharati).

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