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Meritorious Action, 1 Definition(s)

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s. puñña, puñña-kiriya-vatthu.

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· Samma Kammanta
Right Action relates to seeing how what we do is beneficial or harmful to our...
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· Willed Action
Second of the twelve Dependent Originations; actions that shape our emerging con...
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· Bodily Action
(wholesome or unwholesome); s. karma, karma formations - Right b.a. = sammā-kamm...
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· Mental Action
mano-kamma; s. karma.
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· Verbal Action
vacī-kamma; s. karma.
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· Ten Meritorious Deeds
The Ten Meritorious Deeds allow people to gain a happy and peaceful life as well...
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· Course Of Action
(wholesome or unwholesome): kamma-patha.
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· Kamma Sutta
Kamma, (nt.) (Vedic karman, work esp. sacrificial process. For ending °man=Idg. ...
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· Kamma
Kamma, (nt.) (Vedic karman, work esp. sacrificial process. For ending °man=Idg. ...
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· Kamma Vagga
Kamma, (nt.) (Vedic karman, work esp. sacrificial process. For ending °man=Idg. ...
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· Karma
Karma (कर्म) is defined as the cause of conjunction and disjunction and resid...
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· Punna
Puñña, (nt.) (cp. (late) Vedic puṇya favourable, good; etym. not clear, it may ...
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· Kusala
Kuśala is one of the saṃyutta-hastāni (Twenty-seven combined Hands).
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· Kaya Sutta
Kāya, (der. probably fr. ci, cinoti to heap up, cp. nikāya heaping up, accumulat...
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· Vipaka
Vipāka (विपाक):—After the digestion in gastro intestinal tract is over,...
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