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Kusalavipaka Citta, 1 Definition(s)

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Part of Ahetuka Cittas.

There are 8 ahetuka kusalavipaka cittas. These are 8 rootless wholesome resultant consciousness. They are

  1. upekkha sahagatam kusalavipaka cakkhuvinnana citta
  2. upekkha sahagatam kusalavipaka sotavinnana citta
  3. upekkha sahagatam kusalavipaka ghanavinnana citta
  4. upekkha sahagatam kusalavipaka jivhavinnana citta
  5. sukha sahagatam kusalavipaka kayavinnana citta
  6. upekkha sahagatam kusalavipaka sampaticchana citta
  7. upekkha sahagatam kusalavipaka santirana citta
  8. somanassa sahagatam kusalavipaka santirana citta

These cittas are the resultant cittas supported by kusala kamma or wholesome deeds. Sukha means physical pleasure.

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