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AkA: Doṣa, Dosā

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Aversion; hatred; anger. One of three unwholesome roots (mula) in the mind.
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M Repulsion, hatred, anger.

Added: 26.Apr.2009 | Source: Dhamma Dana: Pali English Glossary
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Part of the Dosa Team.


Dosa has destructive nature. It is very ugly. It hurts anyone anything. Dosa destroys its home and its environment. In the presence of dosa everything wicked and unhumanly things can be committed. Dosa cetasika is the head of all dosa related cetasikas and dosa cittas. When there is issa, there also arises dosa and this is also true in case of macchariya or in case of kukkucca.

Added: 08.Jun.2009 | Source: Journey to Nibbana: Patthana Dhama
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'hatred', anger, is one of the 3 unwholesome, roots (mūla). - d. citta: hate consciousness; s. Tab. I (30, 31).

Added: 06.Jun.2010 | Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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Dosa, aversion, is another akusala cetasika. When the citta dislikes the object it experiences there is dosa, aversion.

Dosa is aggressive, just like a snake which has been hit. The function of dosa is spreading of itself or writhing as
when poison takes effect. Dosa is harmful for mind and body. Because of dosa our appearance becomes ugly: we may become red in the face, our features become unpleasant and the comers of our mouth droop.

Dosa can also appear as fear. When there is fear one dislikes the object which is experienced. Fear is harmful for mind and body.

Dosa arises with two types of citta, of which one is "unprompted" (asankharika) and one "prompted" (sasankharika).

Added: 26.Feb.2011 | Source: Dhamma Study: Cetasikas
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There are three kinds of morbid elements (doṣa) of the body, viz. vāta, pitta and śleṣman , and two morbid elements which affect the mind (sattva), viz. rajas and tamas. By the disorder of the first three the body becomes diseased, and by that of the second two the mind becomes affected.

Added: 06.May.2013 | Source: archive.org: A History of Indian Philosophy
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dosa : (m.) anger; corrupting; defect; fault.

Added: 03.Aug.2014 | Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary
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Dosā,(f.) (Sk.doṣā & doṣas,cp.Gr.du/w,du/omai to set (of the sun)) evening,dusk.Only in Acc.as adv.dosaṁ (=doṣāṁ) at night J.VI,386.(Page 332)

-- or --

1) Dosa,2 (Sk.dveṣa,but very often not distinct in meaning from dosa1.On dveṣa see under disa) anger,ill-will,evil intention,wickedness,corruption,malice,hatred.In most freq.combn of either rāga (lust) d. & moha (delusion),or lobha (greed) d. moha (see rāga & lobha),to denote the 3 main blemishes of character.For defn see Vism.295 & 470.Interpreted at Nd2 313 as “cittassa āghāto paṭighāto paṭigho ...kopo ...kodho ...vyāpatti.” -- The distinction between dosa & paṭigha is made at DA.I,116 as:dosa=dubbalakodha; paṭigha=balavakodha.-- In combn lobha d.moha e.g.S.I,98; M.I,47,489; A.I,134,201; II,191; III,338; It.45 (tīṇi akusalamūlāni).With rāga & moha: Dh.20; It.2=6; with rāga & avijjā; It.57; rāga & māna Sn.270,631 etc.-- See for ref.:Vin.I,183; D.III,146,159,182,214,270; S.I,13,15,70; V,34 sq.; M.I,15,96 sq.,250 sq.,305; A.I,187; II,172,203; III,181; Sn.506; It.2 (dosena duṭṭhāse sattā gacchanti duggatiṁ); Ps.I,80 sq.,102; Pug.16,18; Dhs.418,982,1060; Vbh.86,167,208,362; Nett 13,90; Sdhp.33,43.-- Variously characterised as:8 purisa-dosā Vbh.387; khila,nīgha,mala S.V,57; agati (4 agati-gamanāni:chanda,d.moha,bhaya) D.III,228,cp.133,182; ajjhattaṁ A.III,357 sq.; its relation to kamma A.I,134; III,338; V,262; to ariyamagga S.V,5,8.-- sadosa corrupted,depraved,wicked D.I,80; A.I,112; adosa absence of illwill,adj.kind,friendly,sympathetic A.I,135,195,203; II,192; Vbh.169,210; Dhs.33 (cp.Dhs.trsl.21,99); VvA.14 (+alobha amoha).

--aggi the fire of anger or ill-will D.III,217; S.IV,19 sq.; It.92 (+rāgaggi moh°); J.I,61; --antara (adj.) bearing anger,intending evil in one’s heart Vin.II,249; D.III,237; M.I,123; A.I,59; III,196 sq.; V,81 (opp.metta-citta); perhaps at PvA.78 (for des°); --kkhaya the fading away,dying out of anger or malice S.III,160,191; IV,250; V,8; Vbh.73,89; --gata=dosa (+paṭigha) S.IV,71; --garu full of anger S.I,24; --dosa (:dosa1) spoilt by anger Dh.357; --saññita connected with ill-will It.78; --sama like anger Dh.202; --hetuka caused by evil intention or depravity A.V,261 (pāṇātipāta).(Page 332)

2) Dosa,1 (Sk.doṣa to an Idg.*deu(s) to want,to be inferior etc.(cp.dussati),as in Gr.dέomai,deu/omai) corruption,blemish,fault,bad condition,defect; depravity,corrupted state; usually --°,as khetta° blight of the field Miln.360; tiṇa° spoilt by weeds Dh.356; PvA.7; visa° ill effect of poison Th.1,758,768; sneha° blemish of sensual affection Sn.66.Four kasiṇa-dosā at Vism.123; eighteen making a Vihāra unsuitable at Vism.118 sq.-- J.II,417; III,104; Miln.330 (sabba-d.-virahita faultless); DA.I,37,141.-- pl.dosā the (three) morbid affections,or disorder of the (3) humours Miln.43; adj.with disturbed humours Miln.172,cp.DA.I,133.(Page 331)

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