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Akusala Vipakacitta, 1 Definition(s)

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Part of Ahetuka Cittas.

There are 7 ahetuka akusala vipakacittas. They are

  1. upekkha sahagatam cakkhuvinnana citta
  2. upekkha sahagatam sotavinnana citta
  3. upekkha sagagatam ghanavinnana citta
  4. upekkha sahagatam jivhavinnana citta
  5. dukkha sahagatam kayavinnana citta
  6. upekkha sahagatam sampaticchana citta
  7. upekkha sahagatam santirana citta
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akusala : (nt.) demerit; sin; bad action. (adj.), unskilful.
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Seeing-consciousness is vipakacitta (citta which is result).
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Akusala citta and akusala cetasika are akusala dhammas, dhammas which are uns...
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Akusala citta and akusala cetasika are akusala dhammas, dhammas which are uns...
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'unwholesome thoughts'  as defined under akusala (q.v.). In M. 20, five methods...
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The man who is sinful in action of body, speech and mind is born in purgatory. A...
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'general unwholesome mental factors associated with all unwholesome actions' (vo...
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There are 81 loki cittas somanassa sahagatam ditthigata sampayutta asankhari...
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The mind (citta), which naturally transforms itself into its states (vṛtti), ...
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Vicikicchā, (f.) (fr. vicikicchati) doubt, perplexity, uncertainty (one of the n...
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Kuśala is one of the saṃyutta-hastāni (Twenty-seven combined Hands).
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Mūla (मूल, ‘root’) denote primarily λ and ν at the extremity of t...
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Kukkucca, (kud-kicca) 1. bad doing, misconduct, bad character. Def. kucchitaṃ ka...
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