The Bundahishn

Knowledge from the Zand

1897 | 25,140 words

A collection of texts related to Zoroastrian cosmogony and cosmology. The contents focuses on the Zoroastrianism's creation myth, and the first battles of 'Ahura Mazda' and 'Angra Mainyu'. Most of the chapters of the compendium date to the 8th and 9th centuries. The Bundahishn ("Creation"), or Knowledge from the Zand. Translated by E. W...

Chapter XXXII - Pourushasp And Zartosht

On the kindred of Pourushasp, son of Paitirasp, son of Aurvadasp, son of Haechadasp, son of Chakhshnush, son of Paitirasp, son of Hardarshn, son of Hardar, son of Spitaman, son of Vidasht, son of Ayazem, son of Rajan, son of Durasrobo, son of Manuschihar. As Paitirasp had two sons, one Pourushasp and one Arasti, by Pourushasp was Zartosht begotten for a sanctuary of good religion, and by Arasti was Maidyok-mah begotten. Zartosht, when he brought the religion, first celebrated worship and expounded in Eranvej, and Maidyok-mah received the religion from him. The Mobads of Pars are all traced back to this race of Manuschihar.

Again, I say, by Zartosht were begotten three sons and three daughters;

one son was Isadvastar,
one Aurvatad-nar,
and one Khurshed-chihar;

as Isadvastar was chief of the priests he became the Mobed of Mobads, and passed away in the hundredth year of the religion;
Aurvatad-nar was an agriculturist, and the chief of the enclosure formed by Yim [Jamshed], which is below the earth;
Khurshed-chihar was a warrior, commander of the army of Peshotan, son of Vishtasp, and dwells in Kangdez;

and of the three daughters the name

of one was Fren,
of one Srit, and
of one Poruchist.

Aurvatad-nar and Khurshed-chihar were from a serving (chakar) wife, the rest were from a privileged (padakhshah) wife. By Isadvastar was begotten a son whose name was Ururvija, and they call him Aranj-i Biradan ('fore-arm of brothers') for this reason, that, as they were from a serving wife, she then delivered them over to Isadvastar through adoption. This, too, one knows, that three sons of Zartosht, namely, Hoshedar, Hoshedarmah, and Soshyant, were from Hvov; as it says, that Zartosht went near unto Hvov three times, and each time the seed went to the ground; the angel Neryosang received the brilliance and strength of that seed, delivered it with care to the angel Anahid, and in time will blend it with a mother. Nine thousand, nine hundred, and ninety-nine, and nine myriads of the guardian spirits of the righteous are entrusted with its protection, so that the demons may not injure it.

The name of the mother of Zartosht was Dukdaub, and the name of the father of the mother of Zartosht was Frahimrava.

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