A Manual of Khshnoom

The Zoroastrian Occult Knowledge

by Phiroz Nasarvanji Tavaria | 1971 | 160,667 words

An introduction to the mysteries of Khshnoom, an ancient occult movement. Khshnoom stands for 'Divine' or 'Spiritual' knowledge and originated from Zarathushtra. This book contains knowledge not to be found in Zoroastrian religious works. The second part contains documentaion of the life of Prophet Zarathushtra....

Appendix II

A Few Predictions of Future 66,500 Years Affecting Iran

It has been stated already that our known material world has run its course of over 14,500 years, according to the 'calculations of the heavens', out of the total 81,000 years of the present Zarvane Daregho Khadat, Below are given a few of the main predictions regarding the future remaining (81,000 minus 14,500 =) 66,500 years affecting Iran and the Zoroastrian religion.

With regard to the immediate future we know the prediction given in Behman Yasht: 3,13 (S.B.E. Vol. V) of the birth 'among the Hindus' (i.e. in India) of Behram Varjavand. According to 'Shumar-i-Falak' reckonings of the heavens, this birth has already taken place. As said in 39 (ibid.) 'he comes forth in full glory', and by the performance of a miracle through a holy ceremony he will first revive faith in sacred religious ceremonies among the priest-class, and will be 'intrusted with the seat of 'Mubadan-Mubad', Priest of priests (ibid.). Behram Varjavand is the 'Raenidar' - designate, the resuscitator of the Faith, who will manifest himself about the end of the present century, and reestablish Zoroastrian rule in Iran, though this rule will last for only about 500 years.

In the chronology of the future millenniums[1] we find that under the current royal cycle of Mars-roughly a thousand years hence - will commence the ministry of Venus extending over some 1900 years during which 'benightedness will arise'. The next about 2700 years of the ministry of Mercury (under Mars) belong to the millennium of Hoshedar Mah (Bahman Yt; 3,44). During this millennium through Hoshedar-Mah creatures become more progressive, and he utterly destroys the fiend of serpent origin and Peshotanu, son of Vistasp becomes... high-priest and Chief ('Rad') of the world' (ibid; 52).

A millennium, it may be noted, is a generic term expressing a thousand years or any huge period of time in which even several Zarvane-daregho-khadat of 81,000 years each may be included. Thus 12,000 and 3,000 years (occurring in Bundehesh 34 and 1) are misunderstood in philology where a millennium does not mean a thousand years but the numeral 12 or 3 and the three ciphers have technical, mystic meanings already explained in the proper place.

Reverting to future millennia, with the calm ministry of Moon (under Mars) the millennium of Hoshedar-Bami extending over some 2,250 years will follow.

When the royal cycle of the Sun assumes its sovereignty of 4,000 years Iranian empire and Zoroastrian religion will be reestablished. Then will follow the royal cycles of Venus and Mercury - combinedly of 22_000 years. So dreadful will be the human degradation and depravity during this huge stretch of time that this period is recognized as that of 'beasts', not human beings. This Satanic period is at last relieved by the halcyon royal cycle of the Moon of 12,000 years during which Iranian empire and Zoroastrian religion will once again rise.

But on the expiry of that blissful period, will Commence the royal cycle of Saturn of 15,000 years, the seventh and the last in the Zarvane-daregho-khadat. On the termination of its first two ministries of Saturn and Jupiter_with the inception of Mars ministry, there will commence the preponderance and culmination of Evil till it reaches its nadir called "Tur-bara-Tur", Arch-Fiend (Satan) mystically described as the Turk that killed the Prophet.

The vehemence of this Arch-Fiend increases more and more as this Saturn sovereignty proceeds further and further till the advent of the last Moon ministry and the Lunar magistracy under the latter, when a Saviour, in sublimity and status second only to Zarathushtra and known as the Prophet's "son" will descend. The power of the above "Tur-bara-Tur" (Satan) suppressed by Zarathushtra, and kept within bounds by Hoshedar-Mah and Hoshedar-Bami mentioned above, now assumes its direct ferocity due to Azhi Dahaka the Satan being unfettered (Bd 29,5) engendering great catastrophes on the earth like massacres, devastating fires, earthquakes and the like, till in the end the known material world is submerged by the Deluge. Thus will come to a close over 66,500 years from now out of the 81,000 years of the current Zarvane-daregho-khadat.

However, before the Deluge actually overruns and submerges the known material world "Soshyos" (Astavat Ereta; Yt. 13,129), the great Saviour referred to above, will by his power of ‘Yim’ carry to safety the excellent pairs of all genuses (Varena; Ysn. 49,3) of mankind and kine, draught animals and plant life to the Mt. Alborz in Airyana Vaeja situated in 'Thrishva', the imperishable "one-third' of this earthly globe, now buried under snow situated in the region of the North Pole. Thus this Airyana Vaeja will again become the cradle of the future Aryan race, when it (Airyana Vaeja) will be opened up for about 27,000 years (on an average), by the melting of the snow causing the next Deluge some 66,500 years hence.

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From an article in Gujarati headed "Commentary on the Zarvane-Daregho-Khadat, the Cycle of 81,000 Years" by the late learned Mr. M.P. Katgara, in the "Frasho-gard Memorial Vqlqme in honour of the Ustad Saheb" (1" 347 seq.)

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