A Manual of Khshnoom

The Zoroastrian Occult Knowledge

by Phiroz Nasarvanji Tavaria | 1971 | 160,667 words

An introduction to the mysteries of Khshnoom, an ancient occult movement. Khshnoom stands for 'Divine' or 'Spiritual' knowledge and originated from Zarathushtra. This book contains knowledge not to be found in Zoroastrian religious works. The second part contains documentaion of the life of Prophet Zarathushtra....

Supplement No. 30

Law of "Jirm" Planet.

One of the sublimest topics expounded in Khshnoom is that of 'Jirm' planets with which is associated 'Asno Khao'" the progenesis of all planets as distinguished from the earth. Prior to all creation was 'Wahede-Hakiki', Unity, THAT ONE ABSOLUTE, but immediately from the point of the beginning of the Universe set in duality, trinity, plurality, multiplicity and diversity_ as the result of which we see all kinds of wonderful creation around and within us, besides above, below and in all the four directions.

According to 'Mazdayasni Daena', the deified law of Infoldment of Spirit into Matter, after the beginning of the 'Minoi Alam', i.e. Spiritual world (comprising the 9th heaven of the empyrean and the 8th heaven of the zodiac), the next world that follows is what is called the 'Jirmani Alam', planetary world, otherwise known as the 'luminous world'. Of all the varied ceremonies or activities that take place in this Planetary world, the subject of the formation of the seven planets and the differentiation and classification of everyone of the seven planets from each other, is the one that is most worth knowing.


Seven Planets Composed of Light Only. Planets. Absolutely Free from Essence ofMatter.

The seven revolving planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon. Without entering into details, it is sufficient for our present purpose to remember that the essential of different planets is absolute luminous light, and there is no physical Matter in any planet.

The ponderable physical matter is the essence for 'Jismani Alam', the material world far down below, and the etheric matter commences from the beginning of the (subtle) elemental world, i.e., the Space.

The varied religions and their differentiations are based on planets; and every Law-Giver enjoins religious rites suitable to the gradation of the respective planet to which his religion is affiliated. Moreover, owing to this fundamental law of Jirm (planets), there exist certain subordinate Faiths or sections of a particular religion with mixed influences of more than one planet. It is the duty of every person to follow the canons of life enjoined by the founder of the Faith concerned, for then alone the advancement of the soul is possible. In fine, the difference found in varied religions is owing to the different grades of respective religions. (Condensed from 'Ilm-i-Khshnum Series No. 1' by theMaster - p.2 seq.)

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